Music Player Mode + Other Visualizers

Cut to the chase: I’m on the hunt for games with great music visualizer modes! Not just a visually unremarkable Sound Test room, something more like the PSX Ridge Racer games’ Music Player mode, where the soundtrack plays while cars go vroom in the background, in-engine and dynamic-like.

Taking the scenic route: Vibaceous Videogame Visualizers

I set up a small computer in my living room recently after a move, a little emulation station running a boatload of oldie-goodie games via Batocera. The perfect time to dive into Ridge Racer and its sequels, of course. Most of my “playtime” on each one of those releases, though, has been spent letting them idle in the Music Player mode.

As a result, I am experiencing levels of maxing and relaxing heretofore undiscovered. It’s great company for when I’m working from my laptop during the day, and nice to leave running while I knock out chores or cook. And it’ll definitely be on the screen when I have folks over for a housewarming hang in a week or so.

And it leaves me wondering: What other games feature good music visualizer modes like this, where you get to vibe out to the OST while enjoying an attract screen-adjacent demo of the game? Plenty of games have Sound Test screens, but in my experience at least those usually aren’t terribly attractive in the visual department; they’re often austere, utilitarian menus. I’m after Sound Test Deluxe. Any recs?

Ridge Racer gabber to follow for illustrative purposes:


Hojo’s CD collection in Policenauts, you could play the CDs in-game and they were all tunes from the game. Very meta!