Music Production Club - Round 3

@“leah”#p150150 I like it. It feels very cold and lonely. Like I‘m in a place I shouldn’t be for very long.

Anybody up for another round?


i’m down! i was just thinking about bumping this thread lol


Nice :) Since I picked the theme last time, do you mind doing the honors this time around?

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i am currently playing through final fantasy: the 4 heroes of light, which has an evocative scene involving a rainbow. it is also spring, a time of rain and sunshine, and it is almost pride month. ergo! the prompt this time shall be rainbow(s). there’s a lot of thematic resonance in the rainbow - it contains everything, yet it is ephemeral. it only appears when there is both rain and sunshine. it is unreachable but so close. it is a symbol of queer pride and also a sweet marshmallow in a breakfast cereal. truly, it is multitudinous!

go in any direction you want with it! i was aiming for a pretty loose prompt so hopefully this sparks some ideas.

since today is saturday/about to be sunday the 19th, i say we reconvene a week from wednesday, so may 29th, if the old timetable sounds doable.


Love it! And yes that timeframe is perfect