Music that nobody knows about

@golok#2591 this last video is awesome, wow. this band rules.

Just want to say I'm enjoying all these!! @breadface pretty cool stuff here, it seems like you had a bit of a psyche vibe going with this label, but only on the periphery. This Anklepants performance is definitely something I would have enjoyed seeing!!!


@tombo#2444 if we want to go even more obscure, this is my uncle

Nice. For sake of sharing, here's my dad's old gospel band:

I‘m a fan of Italo Disco, and one band I don’t think I‘ve seen anybody really speak about or said “Oh I know them!” is Righeira. I love the music video for No Tengo Deniro (you’ll have to click the video title, as it seems to block being embedded):

Great music, great video. Also a big fan of 3D

Shockingly, people I think know about the song _Give Me Up!_ And it's specifically popular in Japan with a lot of covers, but I don't really think I've seen anyone know about the original dude who made it, Michael Fortunati. I certainly have never seen it in a Karaoke place outside of Japan, either.

Here he is playing live in Japan, and definitely doing his best to act like he's playing that Keytar. The energy's there, and that's what counts.

My favorite song to sing if I'm in a Karaoke place in Japan.

Outside of Italo Disco, I stumbled onto and obsessively listened to RAH-Band during the development of our first game. Very dreamy, and filled with synths, just how I like it.

During my time in college I was on a big chillwave/shoegaze phase, and ended up finding Memory Cassette. Memory Cassette was a short lived spinoff project from Dayve Hawk's Memory Tapes. He would alter his voice to sound like a girl group, and honestly I kinda like it more than his Memory Tapes stuff. Dreamy and wistful.

@anderbubble#2636 pretty cool!

When I was in high school I bought this from a dying record store just because I like the cover art. It's actually a really solid indie rock LP.

I got a new camera recently and have been having fun trying to “out obscure” YouTube‘s music copyright system when it comes to uploading the random trash I’ve been making.

So I've got a twofer in this video

Shogun Kunitoki's 2006 debut album Tasankokaiku. I first heard a track off it through Pandora many years ago, and enjoyed it enough that I tracked down the full album on a Scandinavian file sharing `site.` Its electronic music that feels "organic" to me. I've never heard anyone else mention them before in person or online. Thankfully the album is now available on band camp so it's much easier to get ahold of.

But in the true spirit of "music that nobody knows about" there is a track I placed at the end of that video, around 33:35, that had been stumping me for a decade. I first heard it at a room party at a motel converted into a college dorm in San Francisco in the late 00's, and obtained a copy of it there. It does not seem to exist. I have never been able to find out the name of the artist or the track name. Searching for the lyrics online returns nothing. I lost my own copy of the file but the mystery continued to bother me so I contacted a friend that I had given the song to on a burned CD years prior and recovered a mangled copy of the file from him. The song appears to just not exist in this universe and I find that slightly maddening.

hmm, somebody‘s gonna know what this song is. I don’t know enough hip hop enthusiasts, just dabblers, but if you isolate it I can ask around?

Rumi Kusama 草間ルミ

stack columns, baby

edit: OH this isn't a thread about game music. here is a Real song

Bunch a fake news in this thread. Ain’t no music nobody knows about unless you count the music of extinct birds.

there are a billion things on Bandcamp so i‘ll just post a few favorites that aren’t like super well known:

I used to love 90s/00s kpop, but there was a time when it started to get more popular in the West, and unfortunately the music quality dropped, or at least became different, to garner a different appeal (this was maybe around 2007? lately kpop has evolved so much tho, and these days a lot of it is extremely good lol. It's an interesting genre that continues to learn a lot from itself)

So I started listening to more Korean indie stuff and I absolutely love the band Casker!!
I mentioned this song in the BGM thread, stating I really want to know what sample is being used in it. I think I am at a dead end on that hunt though 😢

other great songs they have:

My personal “Band that nobody has ever heard of” would be Midnight Juggernauts, an electronic music band from Australia. They‘ve released three albums in the late 2000s / early 2010s, and I don’t think they've done too much since. All of them are super good, and each one has its own sound - the earlier ones tend to be a bit more rough and grungy, then getting cleaner over time with the later releases.

I don't really have the musical knowledge or vocabulary to explain what makes their music so unique and memorable, but they strike a good balance between being really intense and harsh while staying melodic and listenable (unlike a lot of other intense electronic music which just hurts my ears).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I discovered the Michael Hedges album Breakfast in the Field on a cassette tape in a thrift shop and it's become one of my favorite soundtracks for going on walks with. Masterful acoustic guitar work with great compositions, all instrumental.


@FlutterSprite#4164 My personal “Band that nobody has ever heard of” would be Midnight Juggernauts, an electronic music band from Australia. They’ve released three albums in the late 2000s / early 2010s, and I don’t think they’ve done too much since.

“Into the Galaxy” and “Ending of an Era” were pretty big hits in the European indie rock clubbing scene. I see “Into the Galaxy” is from 2007 but I believe this might rather have happened in Summer 2008 after they performed at Primavera Sound in Barcelona (which was the _go-to_ event of that decade, kind of the European equivalent to Coachella’s golden years from what I understand of Coachella).

@chazumaru#4174 Ohh neat!! I'm really glad to see they got some appreciation!

@JJSignal#2642 I am a big Righeira fan! A friend and I went to a costume party as Righeira!

This video rules.

I've been trying to find more music that is in the Italo Disco spirit but not explicitly a part of that style.
Stuff like this. (Wink is definitely not unknown but as an example of something with big Italo Disco energy that is not Italo Disco.)

Anyone have examples?

@ellaguro#4135 liking Vessel and Ash a lot here!

@p3ters Casker is great!! my buddy and I listened to them in seoul back when it was permissible to visit seoul. it's bringing me back to simpler times!!!!!

@willi I think there was a lot of italo disco style in japan but also in like german and other scenes at the time... it did get pretty popular. And these days there's just a straight up revival, isn't there? (apologies for bikini lady video, also this is definitely not something nobody has heard of)

P.S. I did a tweet thread for bandcamp “all money to artists” day of mostly lesser-known bands. Give it a look if there's still time left!!