Music that nobody knows about

Alright, this is a vague topic, but I reckon a few of us have got some bands that basically only we know about, which if you brought up in conversation you‘d have to explain in great detail, etc. I’m curious to hear your favorites among those.

Here's one for me: Thierry Matioszek, my pal Tanguy's dad. Oldschool insert credit readers might remember Tanguy aka minclash for his zelda ukulele covers??

He jumped around across genres, and generally I like his french-language albums more than his english language ones, but the english albums have punk and electro vibes to them so I'm torn. You can absolutely hear the shift between the 70s and the 80s in his albums here. He never really found success as a solo musician, though he did some french tv themes and advertising jingles, and that's where he made his money - the music was more for feeding the creative beast.

I only found out about him through my friend Tanguy, he's just way too obscure for anybody to really know about! We (at necrosoft) plan to do something with this stuff in the near future. anyway... Enjoy! This music rules and I am 99% sure you'd never get to hear it otherwise.

Not sure what counts as obscure enough for a thread like this, but I‘ll nominate Fonzi Thornton. You’ve heard his voice before, he‘s been a back up singer for everyone from Aretha Franklin to Lady Gaga, but I don’t think any of his solo stuff ever charted and it's pretty good and pretty funky:

i‘m into recent lo-fi alternative pop music, in the vein of people like Ariel Pink, and there’s a bunch of artists i like who aren‘t very well known. it’s earnest, mostly pleasant, catchy music, made by one or two people with simple means, for an audience of a few hundreds or thousands. i enjoy hanging out with them, feels cozy, like the anthems of a parallel world.

ps: in the process of composing this little list i've discovered a couple of the ones i had in mind have deleted their music from all platforms since i last checked them out =(

if we want to go even more obscure, this is my uncle:
his album klangbilder is pretty good but not online

woah, there‘s so much good stuff in this thread! i’m going to have to dip back in here to give everything a full listen later

caddywhompus is somewhat known, but every time i listen to them, i'm surprised they didn't connect with more people. they're just a duo from new orleans that makes experimental indie rock that has a LOT of different influences that you can hear. i'm a big fan of ambient music and their songs will a lot of times warp into longer ambient jams that don't lean too much into being traditional post-rock type stuff. also, the music video i linked has really cool practical effects and cinematography

[flashing lights/strobing effect warning for this first video]

I founded and ran a little independent prog/avant/etc music label about a decade ago, then a few years later had an experimental music radio show on a local station that aired at 11pm on Sunday nights, so uh, I've got a lot of favourite music that no one else has ever heard lol

First thing that comes to mind isn't anything I had a hand in though. That time spent scouring the internet for the kind of music we were promoting and releasing led me to a lot of MySpaces, including that of Time of Orchids, an NYC band that were active for a while and put some stuff out on Tzadik, so I don't think I'm the _only_ person who knows them, but my favourite song of theirs sure does only have ~7000 views on YouTube

I love this song! The whole first half is full of these micro-tensions and incongruous chord changes and hints at something bigger coming, and the whole thing builds and releases so perfectly with the last half exploding with all this ecstatic joy.

I still have Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra songs on my computer!

Okay not NOBODY. But the band I feel this way about is Duchess Says, who have been around for forever, only have a couple albums, rarely tour / leave Montreal. But they are so weird and amelodic and kinda frieghtening in concert that I am always surprised they didn't have at least a bit larger of a cult following here in the Brooklyn DIY music scene.

I‘m honestly not sure if Casiopea is that obscure or not, but I’ve never met anyone outside my friend group who seems to know them. Then again, maybe thats just not knowing people who listen to jazz from Japan, but either way, Mint Jams is a classic

@tombo I saw a lot of the kind of music your uncle makes around the bay area here! there was a place called the life changing ministries (it was in an old crappy church) that had a lot of noise and experimental stuff. neat to see it in the family.

@cera I definitely know caddywhompus, they often come up in conversations surrounding bands like the velvet teen or dilute - if you don't know dilute definitely check them out! Dilute appears to have gained some fans in the years since they disappeared.

@breadface curious to hear some of your label's stuff! This song sure does remind me of that specific era of rock deconstruction. interesting (and almost encouraging, I don't know) how little commercial stuff came out of that extremely large movement. sometimes I feel like I should put some of my favorites up on youtube since they're basically unsearchable.

Casiopea is definitely real popular! I am resisting even putting things like The Pussycats in here, seen though they only released 4 songs between 1965 and 1966, because they've had a resurgence among people who like uprooting garage music of the era ([if you're curious](

But I think the the thread has turned into "obscure-ish recommendations" which is probably better than "stuff that would otherwise be impossible to find out about," so here's CC Dust

And in the original vein, here's some music nobody listened to from a game nobody played called Cave Rescue which I talked up on the insert credit show in the past:

It's in 5 other people's collections on bandcamp despite being free (I think) so yeah....

@exodus#2486 i had heard about dilute through the split they did with hella! and i should probably finally listen to the velvet teen… they‘re from my home town! they were basically juuuuust before my time playing in the santa rosa indie/punk scene unfortunately, but i had always heard people talk about them. when i lived in the bay area, i saw one of the members’ new bands (the new trust) open for shinobu, who i completely forgot to link before! shinobu is a really good group from san jose influenced a lot by bands like pavement and ging nang boyz, very melodic rock mixed with a lot of noise

ah yeah, I've seen the new trust also - the velvet teen had their first concert in oakland for like… 7+ years a while back, and it happened to be the day that swery was in town to visit. So I took him to see the velvet teen, and meet a bunch of my friends, and it was a cool time.

depending on your time playing in the santa rosa scene my buddy may have gone to see a show you were in!

I didn't know shinobu though, so thanks! I think the hella split is some of the better hella songs and some of the worst dilute songs :P give [this one]( a go.

My dad somehow acquired Idrissa Diop’s experimental album Tribal Pursuit, circa 1991-1992. It does not sound at all like the kind of music he would listen, and in fact I have never seen him buy anything musical for himself but classical and jazz CDs. It might have been a gift. I have never heard him play the album.

Anyway, I was really intrigued by the weird CGI cover and ended up giving the CD a spin (i.e. outright stealing the album from my dad’s collection). It became one of my most played CDs of that time, to the point that I wore it down. Fast forward about 15 years, middle of the last decade. It was very easy to find music online, whether legally on iTunes, murkily on budding video platforms such as Youtube, or plain illegally. Yet, when I got nostalgic and wanted to listen to the album again, I could never ever find it. It finally got uploaded about 6 years ago, on an official Idrissa Diop channel on Youtube. Most of the tracks barely reach 100 views.

All those clues tell me « nobody knows about Idrissa Diop’s Tribal Pursuit. » It would be best described as an experimental Jazz-inspired Senegalese electronic music album. The different tracks do a good job bridging the 80’s and 90’s. Conversely, some segments would probably fit in the « music that makes you think of video games » topic. I think is has aged pretty well, thanks to the eclectism of the album. Some tracks need to be given a few chances to be liked but others are pure earworms. The drums are notably dope on the entire album. (More on that later.) My favorite of the ten tracks is the third song, Problem A. Here is the entire playlist :

I think this will become a familiar story for many of the artists featured in this topic, but Diop is much better known within the music industry for his participation to other people’s albums, and he was known through the 80’s and 90’s, among a certain audience, as one of the most accomplished percussionists for jazz albums and concert scenes. Hence, I gathered belatedly, the care for proper drumbeats in his own album.

I discovered this for the first time when I saw his name in the production notes for St Germain’s album Tourist, which was a smash hit in France when it released – probably the last mainstream jazz hit. I have no idea if the album was a success in other countries but I think at least this track made the rounds.

That being said, Diop did find success pretty early on in his home country of Senegal and the Internet claims he was one of their most influencial artists in the formative years of the modern Senegalese music industry during the 70’s. What’s striking about Tribal Pursuit is that it does not really resemble anything else he worked on before or after. Only one track « Nobel » is still in his repertoire. He actually recycled the song in a different album.

Diop is now 71 and still active ; he celebrated his career’s 50th anniversary last year as covered here by a French radio.

It‘s sometimes worth looking at the early years of production library music from waybackwhen. Check out this intro to the Valentino Production Music Library. There’s a few things there that make me think of 70s-80s anime like Gundam and Yamato…

neat stuff! and these radio/tv jingle libraries are definitely cool - I bought one once but it wasn't as good as this one.

Somehow Idrissa Diop is reminding me of The Prunes, who released an album my dad and I both liked in the mid-late 90s, when we bought it in the 25 bin at a record store:

They went on to get a track on the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack, but they're still incredibly difficult to find any music by. My dad was proud of this find, in part because we both liked it, and in part because it was so obscure. nobody knew about it but everyone we showed it to liked it. Also it's absolutely some [lo-fi beats to study/relax to](, but in 1996. So he'd be pretty pleased if he knew what a "genre" it was today - maybe I'll let him know, because he still references them when talking about an "underground thing that only a few people know is good"

Also I now can't find my copy of this album and uhhhhhh it's $25 if you can find it at all now. oops

Honestly that I knew Casiopea made me think they might be bigger than I knew of haha. Really digging Idrissa Diop and The Prunes here. That Teachers Get Tired track is also reminding me something I used to listen to but I really can't place it, also pretty great!

If anyone is into rap, I super dig Lousy Human Bastards and their lead Snubnose Frankenstein. They've never broken 3k follows on Soundcloud in all the years they've been around, which is a shame, because I really think they're kind of amazing.

this is good indeed!

In terms of hip hop I really like i11evn but he's never really broken through for some reason. there are a bunch of comments in his videos lately from just random kpop fans but until last year these videos had no views, and it still seems nobody knows who he is, because his new videos have like 500 views if that.

also fio matt-hala who raps in english and tswana - she's maybe done two or three tracks ever. I tried to get her to do something for gunsport but unfortunately that fell apart... I think half the listens on this are mine.

@exodus#2486 here's some of the stuff that i think holds up pretty well from the label!:

A few acts even went on to find some significant success! I do not take credit for this in any way but it is a nice feeling:

We also locally released music from Ruins, Vampillia and 65daysofstatic and helped them pick up a solid fanbase in Australia

only tangentially related, but one of the musicians from that first band I posted in the list Squat Club also works under the name Anklepants, and performed one of the most divisive Boiler Room sets of all time:

He's one of the only people I've ever met who I would consider a genius. He's a prosthetic artist and created that mask, as well as the microphone and a lot of the interfaces he uses to make his music. This video has almost a million views so doesn't really count for the thread, but it's still something I like to show people when given the opportunity.

I don't think anyone else knows about Jean Luc Ponty, but he made a bunch of albums with other Fusion Jazz artists. His instrument of choice being an Electric Violin

I mentioned this in the "Game like music" thread but Masayoshi Takanaka is someone who is probably more obscure but has a recent resurgence thanks to youtube

Seychelles is probably my favorite album of his though

Last but not least I come to my favorite obscure subgenre: Krautrock. I think Harald Grosskompf's Synthesist is pretty unheard of, it's just one guy with a synth and drumkit.

I cannot mention Krautrock without mentioning CAN and I can't mention Can without linking to my favorite song of theirs: Paperhouse.


@cera#2446 caddywhompus

I saw this band in a basement w/ A Billion Ernies probably around 2012. i really liked their set but i had never really bothered to check out their recordings, i'm going to Rectify This.


@chazumaru#2492 I discovered this for the first time when I saw his name in the production notes for St Germain’s album Tourist

oh man, i've always loved that st germain record. definitely going to give Tribal Pursuit a spin.

this band deliberately has minimal internet presence & does not really play live shows very often. real cool horror-inspired hardcore punk w/ vocals that wouldn't sound out of place on a Beherit record.

here's a live set of a band i will see **any** time they come within a 100 mile radius of me. for fans of music with shrieking, music with blast beats, screamo i guess. if you like black metal or post-metal you'll probably find something to like about this.