Music that some people know about

I realize we only have a non-game music thread for stuff that‘s hyper obscure. So let’s share some other stuff here! I discovered this song over the weekend while checking out some cassette tapes at a second hand shop. Unfortunately the rest of the album doesn‘t quite reach this peak, but it’s still fun to find a band that you had no idea about previously (though I'm 90% sure I heard this at least once on Live 105 back in the day). This band never really made it, but the lead guy wound up producing the first two REM albums. Also he dated just about every woman that was ever in his band, not sure about that one, depends on the order of operations I guess.

But yeah, let's share some less obscure music that we like!

this post is just a reminder that swedish pop band The Cardigans (made extremely popular by their hit Lovefool) is very very good and their first album has very strong shibuya kei vibes and i don't see enough people talking about it

I mean listen to this:

wow, it really is.

@“穴”#p66818 love me some Cardigans. The album with Lovefool on it also has some jams

Thanks for making this thread. I always think about posting stuff in the “Music no one knows about” thread, but then decide not to because it is in fact music some people know about, so now I can post that here.

I’ve been reading Between Sobriety and Numbness, by Shang Xiao, the original drummer of the longstanding punk-turned-new-wave band [New Pants]( It’s a memoir about him quitting the band and going to Tokyo to chase after this one lady that he likes. While reading it I’ve been listening to a lot of late 90s/early 2000s Beijing punk, since it seemed thematically appropriate, even though early on Shang Xiao renounces Chinese punk to the dismay of the Japanese lady he likes, and spends the whole book listening to, like, Limp Bizkit. (Well, he still ends up talking about Chinese rock a lot.)

Anyways, I think my favorite one of these bands, besides New Pants, is Catcher in the Rye:

Wait til you hear the one sound they got in this song. You'll know when you get there.

also appreciating that this song begins 1984 seconds into the album.

Sweet, I‘ve been wanting to share this. Probably a close enough thread.

Although the number of people that know about Floater is probably verrry low.

Not sharing with intention of monetary gain for the band, but I do closely know someone with a familial connection to the group. It’s pretty cool for someone to say "check out my * Family member *‘s band, and then they’re sort of an actual known entity making cool music. I like most of their top tracks on Spotify, never really checked out their music videos till now but thought it would make a more entertaining post.

I like this one. Fun song and video.

One artist/group I think has been unfairly forgotten is The Jimmy Castor Bunch. They made some iconic hits of 70s funk music that I never hear anyone talking about in my circles!

If you listen to a lot of hip-hop, you'll PROBABLY recognize the sample at the beginning of The Troglodyte (Cave Man) _"what we're going to do is go back, way back: back into time"_

But they had a bunch of hits back in the 70s!
One of them, is a sequel to the above song: The Bertha Butt Boogie

They also made a bunch of songs about monsters (Dracula, King Kong) and sci-fi concepts (Space Age) that are tons of fun! I found out about 'em years ago by buying cheap 45s from bins with titles that seemed amusing and was surprised to find that they're both really good and were once very popular! But I think Jimmy Castor's been largely forgotten: looking for CD reissues of classic albums, I could only find Japanese releases and compilations.


@“Nemoide”#p66854 Jimmy Castor

lol yeah I happen to know about it bc the extended bertha universe was a staple on a local radio station that would play live house and funk dj sets on friday nights. Definitely memorable picking that up on the dial lol

my contribution: grateful to numero for working on the duster reissues

lately i‘ve been reading Questlove’s book about the history of music in America, Music is History (well, listening to the audiobook, which seems like the ideal format), and have been learning about all kinds of 70s soul and jazz music that i thought i knew about, but really didn‘t (he gave me a whole new way to appreciate Miles Davis’s Nefertiti, for example)! so this is an endorsement for that book more than anything. Questlove is an incredible scholar of music.

here is my favourite song he's put me on to so far:

the thread I've been waiting for

I definitely don't know any of the music nobody knows about, but I don't know the music _some people_ know about either!!

nothing to contribute yet just thanks

I have been listening to this a lot lately.

Her music is beautiful.

@“mindleftbody”#p66874 Played this and clicked to 12:47 because I like to see what the middle of albums sound like


@“captain”#p66875 i was intrigued by this, and so did the same thing, and yeah! whoa!

@“whatsarobot”#p66876 Heck yeah, I third that one. When I was listening to it last night I was interested, but didn't have time for a dedicated listen. I dropped into the middle to get an idea if it was something I wanted to come back to - and it sure was.

This one is from one of my more listened to albums from last year. For anyone whose thing is dreamp pop, this is worth giving a listen:

I gotta just throw my favorite musician in here now. Lucy Rose. You may know her from the opening theme from Mushishi season 2.

Three things for your consideration (embedding not permitted boo)

A longer delve with the limiter off

Have met her at a few shows, she’s a great person too. If her sound is up your alley look up her ‘somethings changing’ mini doc on her channel and you’ll get a sense of what she’s about. Sincere to the max.

The sound of this Golden Week, or so would Pony Canyon like you to believe. Also the ending to a current TV drama, apparently. Bialystocks / Sashi iro.

A new edition of the Kiroku concert lives is gonna be released at their upcoming live April 30th but I don't have any way of getting it ;___; The new song they started playing over the pandemic (and the first new song since 2002) is on in better form than what I have been making due with.