Music videos

Let’s share some music videos!! I wanna see em.

They might not embed properly due to copyright, so in the interest of easy perusal I’m gonna link mine and paste the thumbnails below. Please let me know if that’s more annoying than just embedding them!

Edit: YouTube videos embed properly now! Hooray

I‘m sure you’ve all seen this one, but here it is!

Gonna plug a lil music video I did last June in under 12 hours cause I forgot the release date of my friends album. It has a Sony PVM in a garden balcony and lots of cats, what else can you ask for?

@穴 This is perfect. I am always on the lookout for more MVs in the “literally just videos of pets” genre

Aesop Rock - "Kirby"

Ty Segall - “My Best Friend”

King Krule - "Seaforth"

This one’s a stretch, though. Too much other stuff going on lol

Quite literally the first thought that goes through my head when I hear the words “music video”

really like most of xiangyu’s videos

Nine Inch Nails - "Came Back Haunted"

(epilepsy warning)

cornerstone for many of the visual ideas in Twin Peaks: The Return, released four years earlier

this one goes so hard

Love this one

Two sides of Sasami

^ epilepsy warning on the 2nd video


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@rejj that was indeed very good

As were a bunch of these. Turns out there’s still some good music videos being made. It occurs to me: what if they put these on television so you could watch a bunch of them curated for you

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i have a playlist of some music videos i like, though here are my favorites of those:

(i already shared that one somewhere on the forum, it’s how i got my profile picture)

(hosono just looking completely unenthused is pretty funny)

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some high school favs:

also like this newer one:

and the obligatory middle school fav


One of the most talented people I’m aware of:

I really like this one

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whenever someone asks me for a music video i must share this

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this has to be one of the greats

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someday I’d like to watch this whole thing on a home projector