NFT/Crypto Games

Curious if anyone here has played any of the NFT/Crypto Currency games out there.

Like a lot of people nowadays, I own some Bitcoin and Ethereum, etc., but I’m seeing all of these articles about crypto platforms that involve gaming. It’s an interesting concept to me, because crypto currencies _can_ be great investments, and if I think it could be pretty cool if I could make money in the form of these assets by playing a video game. However, I suspect that these games are mostly unenjoyable trash, or have certain mechanics that plague them and suck the joy out of playing (like Gacha type stuff or worse).

Of course the basic idea of involving money with gaming is generally a turnoff. Like most people, I hate micro transactions. But in this case there is potential to _make_ money, not just spend/lose. I don’t really want to waste my time with it though if it isn’t at all enjoyable… so have you guys played any of these games? Are any of them even fun or worth playing?

On the flip side, what do you guys think of this as a concept? Know of any decent developers working on one of these games?

Here are some examples of what I have seen out there:

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This is going to sound like I‘m shooting down the whole thing, and maybe I am, but NFTs and crypto, which generally use dramatically more environmental resources than they provide, seem like the wrong direction in general to me, and I pretty much hate the concept. This might have influenced my evaluation of the kinds of companies that are making blockchain/crypto/nft-oriented games, but it’s also influenced by the emails I get from these companies saying why they are great.

ultimately, these games all look like cash grabs to me. Any game that's like "we'll pay you real money!" or "earn crypto!" are essentially gambling farms designed to take money from you, not give money to you. You CAN earn money playing pachinko, but will you? probably not.

I find it difficult to believe that many people making games with this mindset are out to make really cool fun games for people to enjoy. That said, I've not played a one of them. But I don't feeeel like I have to play any of those 'we pay you real money' games to know they're coming from a direction that's antithetical to everything I want to do in games right now.

So... that's how I feel about it lol

I was very interested in NFT integration in gaming items for plenty of reasons (anti-piracy on physical goods, trade identification, the ability to reward user generated contents and creative gaming communities in a virtuous loop) but the whole ecological disaster implied by the energy required to sustain the ecosystem is a huge buzzkill.

Also the obvious upcoming step for sovereign states to keep control will be local currency taxation on NFC trading, which might then become a huge hassle on developers trying to include crypto in their games depending on how the new laws are written. I expect it will be the next big legal battle involving the IRS in the United States of America, for instance. I recommend [this analysis from Deloitte]( if you are interested in the topic of taxation of crypto.

seems tough for something to enable to possibility of making money and to be a “game” at the same time. I mean it's kind of at least a gig economy type thing at that point I think

Over a decade ago I checked out “Entropia Universe” a “free to play” MMO whose in game currency was directly transferable to US dollars at a fixed rate.

In [2005 a guy took out a morgage on his house to buy a $100,000 virtual asteroid]( and [by 2010 his investment had paid off.](

As you can see, at the time the novelty of "virtual transactions" of this size was enough to garner attention, but I have no idea what has been going on with Entropia Universe over the past decade. Frankly I'm surprised it still seems to be around, but maybe longevity is an upside of making your game explicitly tied to a real world currency.

I have a hunch that someone could learn a lot of lessons about NFT behavior if they took a closer look at some of the early experiments in virtual non-fungibles, like owning land in Entropia Universe.

To be honest, I don‘t really know what play opportunities blockchain technology could even theoretically open up. I can think of plenty of opportunities this opens up for publishers to control how players can engage with their games - anti-piracy, anti-hacking/cheating - but even those rest on the question of whether those ends justify the massive short- and long-term investments that cryptocurrency of any kind demands. Right now that doesn’t appear to be the case, and something tells me it's unlikely to become the case before governments inevitably crack down on cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Also, I feel obligated to ask whether Bitcoin/Ethereum ownership is really this widespread phenomenon, and not something that's highly concentrated amongst a small number of investors.

I think of crypto as “energy-wasting ray-traced cookie clicker with kind of ”real money“ entangled in a pyramid scheme” so in my mind it is already a game. (a horrible game though)

@“exodus”#p40499 I don’t entirely disagree! And definitely appreciate your perspective too. Like I said, just curious what people here have to say about it, and if anyone has actually tried playing one of these games.

Supposedly they have a lot of players in some areas of the world and this whole segment seems to be gaining some steam and growing (with some big money being thrown around too).

I thought this recent article about one crypto platform going into gaming was interesting:
[Polygon article](

On another note, I think everybody hates what Konami did with its IP’s and pachinko machines… is this new trend a potential threat to take other beloved IP’s and turn them into crypto games? I kind of doubt it… but there is this Capcom licensed [Street Fighter Game](

Edit: fixed link

One of the only people I knew personally with crypto used it to place small bets on CS: GO matches between professional teams, so I guess that counts.

I've always enjoyed Salty Bet, imagine if the money was real, people would start to take it insanely seriously.

That's one other thing I wanted to mention, when you tie real money to a game, it heavily incentivizes cheating.

@“Moon”#p40503 that’s crazy stuff! I remember hearing some things like that talked about on the podcast.

That game reminds me of what this game [Ember Sword]( is doing. Seems pretty crazy to me though… I couldn’t imagine spending $80k on in-game virtual property!
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To put into perspective how much energy bitcoin consumes, the average bitcoin transaction takes about 1 Megawatt-hour of energy to complete. This is enough energy to power an average grocery store for 5 hours, or a residential home for about a month.

When China banned bitcoin mining, their grid load dropped by 8 Gigawatts. That's around the amount of electricity demand of most US states, and more than some countries.

it's hard to consider the topic beyond this ^^^

Crypto and NFT have been getting extremely bad rep on the circles and ambients I frequent and although I sincerely admit I haven't put the time to really understand the whole thing, I really trust my friends and the people that have told me the Crypto underworld stinks.

Only thing I know, by watching Feels Good Man (the documentary about Pepe the Frog), is that some dude became rich by speculating with... virtual memes, which honestly sounds terrifying and exactly like the postmodern late-capitalism end of times shit I tend to want to escape from, not get myself invested in.

So... I don't know, maybe you guys can make me understand the whole Crypto affair better. Right now sadly it feels like the thing extremely sucks and is only accelerating us further into environmental catastrophe and all those nice nice things so... yeah.


@“JoJoestar”#p40526 Right now sadly it feels like the thing extremely sucks and is only accelerating us further into environmental catastrophe and all those nice nice things so… yeah.

No, that's basically it. It's basically speculation grafted onto severe environmental destruction. If you want a more specific example, though, I'd recommend [this piece on how it's manifested in the art world](


@“Danimal”#p40498 what do you guys think of this as a concept?

Both @"exodus"#p40499 and @"MichaelDMcGrath"#p40521 have noted my same concerns on this topic rather well, so I'll just add that I find the concept, in general, abhorrent. Sorry.

NFT's nuts, is my stance honestly

@“rejj”#p40537 don’t be sorry! I agree with virtually everything you all have said on the topic. I didn’t really mean to delve so deeply into the environmental/ethical aspects… but on that topic: I have not seen any Bitcoin based games, and Ethereum is transitioning to 2.0 which will make mining obsolete and reduce power consumption by 99% or more.

@"Video_Game_King"#p40530 that “art” sure is a bunch of trash!

Also, just to be clear, I am not in favor of these games, and have never played any of them! If any are actually fun or a decent way to make some extra money, I would consider trying one… but in general I do believe it is all a bad idea and not a good direction for games to go.

At the same time we could all use a few bucks, and “investments” like crypto are much more reliable than actual gambling. You won’t see me playing cryptokitties though lol. The whole concept really is bad though, and I don’t like to games move in the direction of really any kind of monetization. Micro transactions, loot boxes, live-service, and gacha systems are all huge turn-offs for me.

@“Video_Game_King”#p40506 I guess I don’t know how widespread cryptocurrency ownership is, but it has definitely grown a lot. I see more and more places that accept it as payment, and more integration in payment services/platforms. Can even buy it on PayPal.

I can’t remember which country it was, but some country in South America was trying to make Bitcoin its national currency lol.


@“Danimal”#p40553 I can’t remember which country it was, but some country in South America was trying to make Bitcoin its national currency lol.

Perhaps you're thinking of [Venezuela's Petro](

Apparently El Salvador might also be trying to adopt Bitcoin as one of its national currencies too