Nintendo Direct Thread

There‘s a Nintendo Direct later today! Though hopefully we can keep using this thread in the future for other directs, as well. Hopeful for any games to be shown? Theories for what the next Smash character may be? And after the direct, what has you the most excited or underwhelmed? Let’s talk about it!!

Personally, as far as Smash characters are concerned, I feel like we‘re gonna see something like Advance Wars or Paper Mario… I wouldn’t be especially excited for either, but in 2004 I would have been! There‘s a lot of really cool characters Smash could still bring in, but I just don’t see it happening this time. Hopefully I can come back to this thread proven wrong and pop off about Amaterasu getting in or something.

I think it's also been a while since we've seen something about Splatoon 3! Would not be surprised at all if we saw some more of that today, as well. I _don't,_ however, think we'll see any more of Breath of the Wild 2. I also don't think we're going to see anything that brings any more value to their online service. People have been talking about Gameboy emulators and ROMs in the code but... idk. It almost feels too late? I think Nintendo just kinda gave up on that stuff. Again, would love to be proven wrong though!

Big rumor today is the announcement of Gameboy and Gameboy Color games for the Switch Online service. Speculation for which games that will include is wide ranging, but I think we can all agree on one obvious include. One game that would be the selling point for the whole service. One game with a milestone anniversary this year.

I am talking, of course, about Fortified Zone
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I just want to know if Mario Party Superstars is gonna have Western Land from MP2 in it

I think they will probably close out the fighter‘s pass for Smash with a lukewarm 1st party nintendo character. That’s just fine, as after Terry and Kazuya you‘d need someone insane like Scorpion to really turn my head. As far as actual announcements go, it’s about things coming out this winter, right? Seems pretty safe to say we‘ll hear about Splatoon or Zelda if they’re Q1 next year.

I doubt Bayo3 is coming this winter, but will Nintendo finally show something??

I do really hope they expand the NSO games to include Gameboy stuff, and not just like 5-6 games, give us all the gameboy games.

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I still WAAnt to believe…

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Nintendo hilariously just posted a bunch of stuff and took it down. Leaked games to be featured in the direct include ||a new Kirby game and Bayonetta 3||. Patent on a new controller also leaked, which seems to confirm the rumors about the Switch Online library expanding, which is also backed up by people's subscriptions mostly rotating in September since service was originally launched then. Although that one could just be a new controller who knows.

I don‘t play smash but I find the character reveal stuff exciting anyway for some reason. I feel like a game character’s spirit is more intact as a smash character than if they were something like a fortnite skin. I also like the speculation it drives because it feels like the revealed character could be anyone. Nintendo also seems to have fun with announcement trailers and how they're revealed. Despite the concept of a “multiverse” feeling played out, with Smash it still feels new and exciting, and I get some real good second hand enjoyment out of that

I think my personal pick would be Master Chief, slotted alongside a Master Chief Collection switch port. They already did the minecraft stuff, so clearly MSFT and Nintendo are talking. Master Chief does kind of represent a bit of an older gamer demographic now, and so him crossing over would be a huge deal.

Lastly, wish Nintendo would make another freakin F-Zero. Yeah nobody bought the last one! So what?! Give the people what they want.

Not holding my breath for another Dillon game, but if one were to come out that'd be awesome. I may actually be arsed to buy a switch for it.

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p43813 always have a good time picturing the moment of realization on these even as I feel bad for the person responsible. “Fuck!!”

Prediction: Nintendo will announce that the new controller fixes Joy Con drift by removing the joy sticks (making the controllers just a con)

Ah, this announcement has announced some very exciting future announcements.

I enjoy how they refer to games as “The Mario Party Superstars game”. “The Metroid Dread game”.

Sega Genesis came swinging out of nowhere, I'm kinda shocked.

I tuned in just in time to catch the fever dream movie casting decisions.

Turn the Direct off now please. Make it stop. (Time stamp for future reference: appearance of Chris Pratt's face)

Trying to imagine any of these voice actors' voices coming from a Mario character is completely defying my imagination.

mario movie prediction: climax scene will be live action Chris Pratt kissing CGI Princess Peach