off brand games that are better

I‘ve been playing Bravery Network Online (and you should too! its really good!) and it flaunts how its inspired by the high level meta and play of pokemon

its different in a lot of ways and isn’t that similar in a lot of ways but its battle system is more accessible and easier to mess with than pokemon in a lot of ways

what other underdog games hold their own to their inspirations or surpass them?

Vigilante 8 did Twisted Metal style car-combat way better

They also made a Star Wars game out of it.

Is monster rancher considered off brand pokemon? Like coca cola is pokemon, and monster rancher is maybe something like RC Cola?

it doesn't really play anything like pokemon, no

monster rancher is more of an off-brand princess maker


CarX is described as a “Drifting Simulator” but the physics and controls are pretty arcade focused. It‘s very generic, but it’s incredibly good at just being a ‘Slide a car around’ game. I downloaded it and hopped on a friends' server while they were streaming and had a lot of fun, and then I sunk more hours into it. There is literally nothing else to the game other than drifting and maybe buying DLC packs.

@bodydouble thanks for saying it so I didn't have to. Monster Rancher is off brand Pokemon only in its character design. @SuperEffective

Okay I've said this in another thread but this off brand penny car overhead famicom style racer has the best mechanics of the genre imho and even with the best minds of this forum we weren't able to trace the exact origins of this micro-hit.

@hellomrkearns#18089 Star Wars Demolition is so weird and great. Look at that cover. Excellent madness.

@treefroggy#18136 I love Retro Game Challenge.