Ordered my Sega Saturn Flash Cart. Shoot me those Saturn Recommends

Re: Baroque – the difference in the SS/PS versions is negligible, I‘ve got both with their respective consoles and they look and play the same. But the PS has more features: the item monger (who holds extra inventory, a big deal for gameplay) and movie player aren’t in the SS edition, and the challenge dungeon in the PS is expanded upon. So I'd recommend the PS version if you actually want to play through the game. The SS does have nicer packaging though.


Other great Saturn puzzle games (might have PS1 ports):

  • - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • - Cleopatra Fortune (Saturn ver is much superior to the PS1)
  • - Sega Ages Columns Arcade Collection (contains Columns II, Columns 97 and Stack Columns, which is the best version of Columns)
  • - Hanagumi Taisen Columns (the Sakura Taisen Columns. Also a top tier version of Columns)
  • - Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzledama (Konami's neat take on Puyo)
  • - Alternatively: Chibi Maruko-chan no Taisen Puzzledama
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    I also very much enjoy the fact it uses the VCD expansion bay instead of requiring the removal of the entire CD player assembly and also you have to take into account the various models of Saturn.

    Oh shoot, that's actually a really great feature! Hmmm, this is super tempting for me now. Thanks for pointing this out!

    Skies the limit play Psycho Taromaru.

    the list you gave is like several months of video game though.

    Sakura Taisen got a translation patch last year; I burnt the discs so that game is also on the front of my Saturn playlog if I ever get to it.

    Also wanna second Elevator Action Returns. It's great and has one of the best soundtracks ever!

    speaking of best soundtracks, also gotta throw in X-Men Children of the Atom!

    From Saturn Firsts thread, Pup Quest seems pretty epic and dope.

    @bodydouble#14067 Thanks, I was aware of some of the differences. I don't always prefer the "superior versions" though, I may play both, or pick the saturn version just because! I love negligible differences in game ports haha!

    @Rudie#14081 Psycho Taromaru looks like the exact type of recommend I'm looking for, something Japan-only I have not really heard of and don't want to overlook! Also ye, you know what they say about only being able to read so many books in your lifetime? It's like that with games too, but I do also love curating for others and providing curations and libraries in setups at museums and stuff.

    So after reading the other Saturn threads... Elevator Action Returns is one I forgot about and I'm looking forward to playing, I love Elevator Action! Also Twinkle Star Sprites! I played that in an acrade and sucked at it but it seemed so fun!
    One of like 2 games I downloaded off the switch online store was Waku Waku 7, so I've gotten better at it than pretty much any other 2D fighter I've ever played! Looking forward to checking out the Saturn port and playing on an actual CRT, even though the CRT filters on switch SNK ports are among the best I've seen.
    Had no idea Silhouette Mirage was on Saturn.
    Mega Man 8 and Rayman were 2 of the 4 or 5 Playstation games I had growing up (even before I had a memory card, which was for several years!) So it will be a trip to play the saturn versions.
    aaaand then there's brandon's list which I super appreciate being broken down into games people know about and under the radar games...
    Alright, I will find my own Saturn gems and post them here. Off top there's that Parappa clone from 97 that really sucks but my friend got hours deep into it so it's... playable. I would describe it as "we have Parappa at home".

    Dezaemon 2! It's a cute little shooter construction kit. There is a cool fan disc if you just want to try out doujin works.


    There was a time when Radiant Silvergun was the end-all-be-all Saturn import, but I notice it hasn't really been brought up here (At least I am not noticing it being brought up … maybe my brain is blocking it out?).

    It's been a long time, and I'm probably going to bust it out to check myself, but I am going to pose this question anyways: Did it just stop holding up? Maybe Ikaruga overshadows it (I know you aren't legally allowed to bring up shmups on the Internet without Ikaruga being mentioned :P)? Or is Radiant Silvergun just such an obvious "must play" that it's superfluous to even bring up in 2021?

    @sosadillatron#14145 Radiant Silvergun is comfortably a lot better than Ikaruga in my estimation.

    It is probably one of the top 5 or 10 games for the entire library, so that might be why it's mentioned less - or because the price is just astronomical now.

    @p3ters#14056 this version of the game has some really great tunes!


    The game itself is .... flawed but it's worth seeing Rusty Ruin at least : [URL=https://i.imgur.com/S1j43YF.jpg][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/S1j43YF.jpg[/IMG][/URL]


    I bought Radiant Silvergun when I was in high school, it was my first REALLY EXPENSIVE video game (~$150).

    I had basically never played 2D shooters outside of arcade machines and it definitely blew me away at the time; I was really impressed by the graphics and the extremely challenging gameplay. However, now that I‘m much more familiar with the genre, I’ve kind of come to like it less and I think I prefer simpler games more.

    Radiant Silvergun is still good, it's just SO HARDCORE that to actually play the game the way Treasure WANTS people to play it is at such a high level that I don't think I like playing it. Knowing when to use what weapons to get big chain bonuses... it's tough! It's really designed for such hardcore STG maniacs that it's kind of a turnoff if you're not at that level but you don't want to just continue infinitely to beat. It's interesting in that it isn't really a danmaku/bullet hell, but is designed for that same crowd: the people who love their shooters but crave MORE CHALLENGE from the more traditional sorts of game designs.

    But I do like it a lot more than I like Ikaruga, which I don't like. Ikaruga just requires WAY too much memorization in order to get decent scores, to the point where I'm definitely not having fun while playing it if I'm trying to improve my score.

    IDK, I'm kind of rambling. In short, Radiant Silvergun is worth playing if you like shooters and is definitely a well-made, unique, challenging game that does a good job of showing off what the Saturn could do. But there are other shooters on the Saturn that I'd recommend over it, especially for more casual players. [There's a pretty good guide to the genre on Racketboy.](http://www.racketboy.com/retro/sega-saturn-shmups-2d-shooters) My top pick for the genre on Saturn would probably be Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius, which is an absolute delight.

    also just remembered Tengai Makyou 4 The Apocalypse! Very novel JRPG which looks incredible on the Saturn.

    @p3ters#14097 the Saturn (J-version at least) of XMen is pretty bad. You see why every other 2D fighter had a RAM Expansion.

    Vandal Hearts 1 was on both Saturn and PS but only in English on PS. There is now a complete fan translation of the Saturn version available, for those that like SRPG.

    Was @exodus the one who sort of likened the Saturn to PC Engine?

    I see it, as far as it being a console whose JRPGs I wanna play mostly being untranslated, tons of action games, and then a bunch of stuff from out of left field, and always the shoot em ups.

    but that’s not like, a verified fact, just for fun. Like saying PSX is linked to MSX lol


    Oof I am really straining my thumb trying to play Nights and Sonic R with the 2D controller, and I love it! One thing I was looking forward to when I got a Saturn Device finally was playing 3D games with a 2D pad… It‘s one of my favorite things to do on playstation, what with King’s Field and all the 3D games playable without sticks. In fact, before I had my Saturn working yesterday, we were playing THPS3 2 player with 2 playstation controllers with no analog sticks!

    Although, Nights is such a smooth experience that I may need to pick up a 3D controllers at some point.

    But the saturn 2D pad is mega comfy, that's for sure.

    I need to solder in a new battery and repair my reset switch, but once that's done I'm going to jump right into my first Grandia playthrough, and I'm gonna commit to finishing it.

    Oh also I picked up **Mr.BONES**... It is more like the US box art looks than the JP box art from my first impressions.... No wacky pyschedelic stuff yet... He is quite a Blues man though and I appreciate that.

    Baroque for Saturn is terrifying to play and I love it. No wonder they made a baby version for ps2 for Americans. It even does the horror game thing that gives me the most nightmares: pausing the game just freezes the screen with only a very minimal change to the screen, meaning, there is truly no escape. It‘s a shame there’s no English version of this or the ps1 port, because it would be one of my favorite games. It‘s basically King’s Field!

    Resurrecting the thread as I too am in the early days of Saturn exploration. The suggestions and recommendations in the thread so far have been helpful too but I'm always on the look out for more recommendations. The Saturn largely passed me by too. I only knew one person with one though I never played it as by then they had already moved onto the PS1 when I went to their house.

    I have few parameters but my "collecting" habits are primarily curation-led and as such I do prefer to own an actual copy of a game where financially reasonable though am fully aware that I'll have to acquire certain games elsewhere. I dislike having too many games to choose from because I am often reminded that I have terrible choice paralysis tendencies.

    I have most of the big hitters that I want - Shining Force 3, Devil Summoner, Panzer Dragoons and so on so am very much looking at weirder, interesting stuff. As a personal reference point I've WanChai Connection, Dracula Detective, and Sentimental Graffiti on the way sooooo, yeah. I'm essentially open to games of questionable quality.

    Other than that I'm not too bothered about language barriers. My Japanese is, albeit rusty, passable enough that I can get through text-heavy games with a dictionary and some form of kanji reference aid.

    Appreciate that's a big ask but I'm a big baby and need some help from the IC hive mind.

    If you are “acquiring” games, Super Tempo is maybe the best 2D plaformer on Saturn and available no where else.

    On the likely still cheap, but also quintessentially Saturn I would recommend Fighting Vipers or Last Bronx. Both games have content not present in other re-releases.