Ordered my Sega Saturn Flash Cart. Shoot me those Saturn Recommends

Satiator was made available publicly last night, and I‘ve been waiting years to order one.

This is not an advertisement for the Satiator. I actually recommend installing a MODE over a Satiator.

Anyways, I know you guys have loads to say about the Sega Saturn library. Now that there’s two widely available user friendly devices for playing backups on Saturn, we‘re going to see many new translation projects– it’s inevitable.

So hit me with those Saturn reviews and recommends!

Stuff I'm already looking forward to playing:

  • -

    Princess Crown

  • -

    Sonic R (I only ever had the PC version as a kid and I played it a ton!)

  • -

    Lots of RPGs that were ported to saturn as a deluxe edition, and later ported again to playstation; like Tactics Ogre

  • -


  • -

    Christmas Nights

  • -

    Burning Rangers

  • -

    That one version of Outrun

  • -

    Panzer Dragoon

  • -

    Shin Megami Tensei series

    <p>There<FP char="’">'</FP>s too many for me to list right now, so I made a thread. Plus, I have to admit Saturn is the console I have the least experience with and have waited the longest to access a full library. While waiting for the Satiator I<FP char="’">'</FP>ve had my US model 1 saturn under my bed with my only saturn disc, X-men vs. Street Fighter in the disc tray. Saturn was merely a fable during my childhood, plus emulation always sucked, and games were always either expensive to import or a pain to import.<br/>
    So understandably I<FP char="’">'</FP>m quite underexposed to the best 2D console ever made. Playstation 1 is in my top 3 home consoles, I<FP char="’">'</FP>m thinking Saturn may top it before long. Most of my exposure has been via ports like PS2 Nights and Sonic R PC. Plus MADE has a good Saturn library but I didn<FP char="’">'</FP>t get around to playing before covid. My Saturn underexposure has had me anticipating this day for a long, long time. I will be playing on my JVC CRT monitor, fully off grid and powered by the sun, in a van down by the river. Catch me outside playing Tokimeki Memorial Hospital.<br/>
    Can you sense the excitement? I<FP char="’">'</FP>ve had a lot of green tea to drink this morning.<br/>

    I will have a lot of fun combing through directories of REDUMPs.

  • [“Ordered Satiator, Saturn Flash Cart. Shoot me those Saturn Recommends”,“Ordered my Sega Saturn Flash Cart. Shoot me those Saturn Recommends”]

    Sega Rally is a perfect simple arcade racing game. Every other racing game on Saturn comes with caveats. It might secretly be the best showcase of what the system can do in terms of 3D graphics. The only other 32 bit racing game I would put at its level is R4 and that is just a completely different type of game.

    There was a good thread exploring this issue, check it out:


    The Baroque thread really rekindled my interest in the Saturn. I‘ve been poking around for some of the cheaper imports. Right now I can only repeat what I said in the other thread about the Capcom ports that used the RAM cart (hopefully that’s the version of XSF you‘re playing :slight_smile: ). It’s no big deal in 2021, but at the time those import CPS2 ports using the RAM cart were amazing.

    I want to suggest checking out Linda³ Kanzenban for the hot shit cutscenes and character art by Tatsuyuki Tanaka of Studio 4°C, but I haven‘t played it because my Japanese is not there yet. It’s another RPG!

    @robinhoodie#14029 that's Game Over Yeah game right

    @JoJoestar#14030 oops this is a redundant thread maybe I will delete and just post over there

    Dark Savior!

    Umm let's see…

    -die hard arcade
    -die hard arcade
    -dynamite deka
    -die hard arcade

    Did I leave anything out? No? Okay good.

    Like mentioned in the Grandia thread ,the Saturn version just received an English translation!


    Sonic Jam is a fun one to play around with.

    I've got a Pseudo Saturn Kai installed on my Action Replay which is pretty much the cheapest way to play copied games! It's done a good job from what little i've used it.

    Since we're talking Saturn, I went back and pulled a few relevant threads:
    [Saturn firsts](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/66-saturn-firsts)
    [Exploring the Sega Saturn Library in 2020](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/251-exploring-the-sega-saturn-library-in-2020)

    @milo#14043 I definitely already be playing dynamite dekkoid on my ps2

    thanks for reminder that we got the Saturn ver.

    I never had a Saturn, but I am obsessed with Mr. Bones. I loved the magazine ads for that game when I was a kid.

    You mentioned in the OP but I wanna ask: why would recommend a MODE over the Satiator?

    My recs that I've dived into in 2021 were:

  • - the English translation of Dracula X: I cleared Maria mode over New Years and it was pretty fun
  • - Fighting Vipers and Fighters Megamix: I spent a day labbing Honey/Candy and had a good time. FV's tutorial mode shows you what the movement should look like, which is a great and super useful feature BUT Megamix dropped that feature!!! Why would they do this?????
  • - Cleopatra Fortune: I went over it in my giant Cleopatra Fortune thread here: https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/152-ive-become-a-giant-cleopatra-fortune-fan/103
  • Games on my perpetual must play someday list:
    D, Enemy Zero, Deep Fear, Panzer Dragoon 1/2/Saga, Astal, Clockwork Knight 1/2

    Other games I'd recommend:

  • - Saturn Bomberman
  • - Groove on Fight
  • - Guardian Heroes
  • - Robo Pit (there's also a PS1 ver but I only played it on the Saturn)
  • - the AM2 games: Virtual On/VF2/Virtua Cop 1&2/Daytona USA Champion Circuit Edition (most have arcade perfect ports later on, but their Saturn versions has unique features/training modes that are worth checking out at least once)
  • - the VIRTUA FIGHTER CG PORTRAIT SERIES, if you want a beautiful VF2 screen saver with a unique disc of EVERY CHARACTER:
  • I'll add more when I'm not distracted thinking about the VIRTUA FIGHTER CG PORTRAIT SERIES

    A couple casual puzzle game recommendations that I think a lot of folks pass over:

    Baku Baku (very ugly but very fun)

    Bust-A-Move 2/Puzzle Bobble 2 (just an excellent version of the game)

    Gals Panic SS (if you like playing Qix and looking at pics of anime girls, that's all this is)

    Puyo Puyo 2 (arguably the best version of the best Puyo Puyo)

    Tetris Plus (this one might be a bit controversial, but I liked it)

    I never got around to trying the Sakura Wars Columns game, but that's another one that looks cool.

    @Jtwo#14049 yeah, this game looks like a Grateful Dead album and for that reason alone I have to play it.

    mainly, I was being obstinant. But Satiator just dropped publicly _last night_ and is more expensive than mode. Mode also works across 3 consoles, and is by an established company that does many other ODE and flash devices for other consoles that have all proven to be essential. Satiator is just cool as shit imho and I wanted it since day one, I'm willing to take the risk, and I also very much enjoy the fact it uses the VCD expansion bay instead of requiring the removal of the entire CD player assembly and also you have to take into account the various models of Saturn.

    thanks for the replies y’all. I feel bad for starting a twice redundant thread. These are good reminders when I assemble my list. I realized that I'll probably find plenty of stuff to enjoy that no one talks about at all as I spend every day of the rest of my life playing SEGA Saturn. As those days come I will point out those games. Like I already did with Tactics Ogre on Saturn, a game no one talks about. It's probably a really dope port!

    I've always wanted to play the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast since the famous Richard Jacques did the music for it… I want to experience it!

    unrelated but someone told me to play the game D; so if I ever did play that game I would then play Enemy Zero.

    Magic Knight Rayearth however is the one Saturn game I want to play through. One day I'll play through it!!

    those are my 3 contributions to your inquiry lol


    I just googled Satiator and wow that thing is expensive >_< I actually just bought a MODE, but for my dreamcast.

    my Saturn has a mod chip so I can play burnt discs no problem, as well as a region switch for imports. If I ever did get an ODE I would go out and buy a new Saturn, but if Satiator allows me to keep my saturn intact, I may actually consider picking it up one day.


    I played the director‘s cut of sonic 3D blast on genesis recently, and I think there’s a patch for the Saturn version too but I may be wrong. Magic Knight Rayearth is very hype and reminds me to check what Working Designs and Nihon Falcon has to offer on Saturn. Played Popful Mail for SEGA CD a last year and loved it.

    Also wasn't there a Love De Lic game on Saturn?



    I also very much enjoy the fact it uses the VCD expansion bay instead of requiring the removal of the entire CD player assembly

    I'm glad you mentioned this and you now have me seriously looking into Satiator. Being able to keep the system stock and still play my disc games is a huge plus for me.

    Sometime two years ago I arrived at my friend‘a house to find him several hours deep in this Third rate Parappa the Rapper clone.


    @Syzygy tactics ogre with voice acting sounds like it could be amazing if they voiced it like they did FFXII. I know I liked the voice acting in war of the lions… I’ll decide for myself if Saturn version lives up to it, LOL.