Pac Man VS Clones

I was recently delighted to discover that Pac Man VS is included in Namco Museum on the Switch, but then disappointed when I realized the multiplayer is local only (though still networked). Does anyone know of any clones of Pac Man VS with online play?

Nintendo has cloned the game themselves a few times, though I think that was just on the WiiU and had no online play.

Pac Man VS is also available on the DS. But has no additional content. I actually LOVE Animal Crossing Sweet Day it also hits the same wall as Pac Man Vs as only having a small selection of levels.

I love Pac-Man vs and I’ve played it loads on Gamecube and DS.

The nearest equivalent is probably Nintendoland’s Mario Chase, where four ‘toads’ can’t see the whole map, but the Mario player can.

I don’t know of any dedicated versions online but I found at least one made in Roblox.