Photographs of games on nice screens - hot stuff!

As requested by @“whatsarobot”#p93303 share your photographs of games being shown on nice screens (or maybe huge ones or small ones, whatever, I don't care).

I keep meaning to invest in a half-decent tripod for my phone so slightly shaky pictures of Dragon Warrior Monsters will have to do to start things off.


[upl-image-preview url=]

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thank you for making this happen, GOTY Master @“LeFish”#591.

DW Monsters has _never_ looked so good!

if i had any nice screens at my disposal, i'd reciprocate. maybe i will at some point in the future!

Took this ages ago. Extreme closeup of the PS2 port of Espgaluda running through RGB on a PVM. Tate mode so the scanlines are vertical.



@“sixteen-bit”#p93447 we should just name this thread “hot stuff”

["Photographs of games on nice screens ","Photographs of games on nice screens - hot stuff! "]

I was doing some off screen CRT recording tests the other day and this nice photo happened

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Love all these photos.

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@“mindleftbody”#p93477 That E-Honda sprite looks like it's ready to pop out of the screen. Wildly gorgeous.

The GBC Sakura Taisen game has incredible art and looks lovely on an IPS screen.

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[upl-image-preview url=]

@“Chopemon”#p93586 this is a HOT gba sp. love the shell.

@“fetus8”#p93593 thanks! I‘m a bit torn on the orange and green mix. Some days I’m into it, some days not.

@“Chopemon”#p93586 I said “oooooooeeeeeeeeeee” out loud