Picotron: the ultimate fantasy console

Picotron, the successor to Pico 8, is now available. The launch build was pretty buggy, but after a patch this morning it seems much more stable.

per the website:


  • -

    Built-in Editors: write code and draw pixels all inside Picotron!

  • -

    Integrated map and sprite editing with unlimited undo

  • -

    Themeable Desktop with workspaces and a handy fold-out tooltray

  • -

    Make your own live Wallpapers and screensavers

  • -

    Virtual filesystem with RAM disk and mountable cartridges

  • -

    Video Modes: 480x270, 240x135, 160x90

  • -

    Controller support (two sticks, 6 buttons + menu button)

  • -

    Flexible graphics and audio pipelines

  • https://www.lexaloffle.com/picotron.php

    It's basically like a pico 8 with no rails, you can make absolutely huge games with this. It has a desktop environment with programmable apps, a fully featured fm synth, and tons of official and user made themes. It's like an Amiga if everything were written in lua. It rules! Give it a spin and talk about it here

    Day One Picotron head reporting in. I expect that DJ Tent Mode is going to be all over this once he has some time to sit down with it and play around.

    I never did anything that taxed the virtual CPU in PICO-8, but the model of a significantly easier Amiga/68K-Alike is extremely appealing to me.


    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p157921 Controller support (two sticks, 6 buttons + menu button)

    I'm seeing 4 buttons in the spec / readme.txt and even that is internally inconsistant. Controller 1 says that buttons 6, 7 are "reserved" and controller 2 says that it just has 4 buttons (12-15) "Buttons, SL, SR". I assume that the documentation is just out of date.