Plz point me towards Dreamcast enlightment

I enjoy sega games a lot but I have only played 3 dreamcast games. Mostly through ports on other consoles or steam (sonic adventure 2 and a little bit of jet set radio and crazy taxi). I bought a $20 aliexpress GDEMU clone to finally get around to using my dreamcast with a dead cd reader that I bought like 6 yeas ago in a flea market. Because of that I have never played something on the dreamcast and for some reason I haven't been interested enough in any dreamcast game as to emulate it on my PC,

I'm supposed to receive my GDEMU in a couple of hours. What are the most insert credit games on the dreamcast that y'all would recommend? Or any kind of dreamcast recommendations would be welcomed as well!
What games should I be downloading right now?

right now I'm interested in checking out the dreamcast port of Cleopatra Fortune and some of the atomis wave ports but other than that I'm blanking on what games I should ~~steal~~ get.

Oh and also, should I get a vmu? my dreamcast came with a generic memory card. I like the idea of owning a vmu because they look very cute but I don't know if they are that necessary.

powerstone is very fun

Seaman, always and forever

@“Syzygy”#p65044 uuuuuhhh I‘ve heard a ton a bout PSO but I didn’t know it had any offline aspect!

Will keep it in mind!

You might be interested to know that a good many DC games still retail their online functionality, including multiplayer, via alternate means:

On that note, Chu Chu Rocket's a simple game but a good one that, while not entirely un-ported, is not commonly available: there was a GBA version produced right as that system came out, and a decade-old smartphone version that's been delisted forever, but never an authentic port of the Dreamcast version for home platforms. It's a shame, as it's such an obvious "put this on everything, everywhere" party game that you'd have expected Sega to milk forever, but I suppose it'd be too much up-front work, being a DC game and all.

(There's also a sequel on Apple Arcade, which I never got around to playing.)



I’ve also heard so much about PSO and have never experienced it. Maybe if there’s enough interest it might be fun to get some forum people together to play? Or maybe I should just play PSO2 lol


@“saddleblasters”#p65051 get some forum people together to play?

That could be fun, I'd be down for that!


@“saddleblasters”#p65051 Or maybe I should just play PSO2 lol

I tried to play it like a year ago but bounced out of it like right after the tutorial, I guess nothing of what I played compelled me enough to keep going

@“whatsarobot”#p65046 just looked at the prices of the Dreamcast microphone and I guess I'll play that one on an emulator lol

(they are not thaaat expensive, but I don't want to spend $35~ just for the microphone)


@“gsk”#p65050 there was a GBA version

Just the other day my brother was channel surfing on my MiSTer and he randomly landed on the GBA version of Chu Chu Rocket and we ended up playing it for like 3 hours. I'll check the Dreamcast version for sure.

@“穴”#p65040 I don’t remember what were your favorite games based on those fun community polls last year, so I can account for taste differences, but :


What are the most insert credit games on the dreamcast that y’all would recommend?

On that specific note, I would say…

  • - Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-Ō
  • - Berserk
  • - Black/Matrix AD
  • - Blue Stinger
  • - Cleopatra Fortune
  • - D2
  • - Death Crimson OX
  • - DeSPIRIA
  • - Dynamite Deka 2
  • - Illbleed
  • - Jet Set Radio
  • - JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken
  • - L.O.L.: Lack of Love
  • - Mars Matrix
  • - Psychic Force 2012
  • - Seaman
  • - Shutokō Battle / Tokyo Xtreme Racer
  • - Space Channel 5
  • - The Typing of the Dead
  • - Zombie Revenge
  • Would make my _Most Insert Credit-y Top 20_ list, for better or for worse. That was tough! It’s a very Insert Credit-y console.

    big second for cannon spike.


    @“gsk”#p65050 Chu Chu Rocket

    also, this game has a brilliant commercial / song

    @“chazumaru”#p65061 Wait, myself, this is much better:

    I is for Ikaruga
    N is for Napple Tale
    S is for Seaman
    E is for Elemental Gimmick Gear
    R is for Roommania #203
    T is for Tokyo Xtreme Racer

    C is for Cleopatra Fortune
    R is for Rent-A-Hero No.1
    E is for Eternal Arcadia
    D is for DeSPIRIA
    I is for Illbleed
    T is for The Typing of the Dead

    Maken X isn’t exactly great but it’s pretty interesting and I like the DC version more

    Sega Tetris is cool

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    It‘s a Japan exclusive but there’s translations for the menus on the web.

    Blue Stinger and Illbleed are very Insert Credit. So is D2.

    Cannon Spike is great and I also like Zombie Revenge quite a bit.

    For a racing game, I've been really enjoying acing round the Tokyo expressway in Shutokou Battle 2.

    I'm just here to make sure everyone plays Sega Bass Fishing~ :smiley:

    Oh and don't feel like PSO is only worth playing online either - it's an excellent ARPG either way.

    I am absolutely amazed nobody has mentioned Cosmic Smash yet. It perfectly embodies that clean, conceptual, seemingly-non-commercial-even-though-it-was-incredibly-popular-in-commercial-works-of-the-time style that was so popular in the 90s.

    @“Video_Game_King”#p65121 It was on Syzygy‘s list and that’s actually the game I'm most looking forward to playing , it looks like my kind of game!!

    That being said I misinterpreted an email I received and I don't have my gdemu yet lol
    I thought it had already been delivered and that it was already in my po box, and since my brother was doing me the favour of picking up my mail I thought I was gonna get it yesterday. But it turns out the email was saying that it had already arrived to the U.S. not my p.o box, oops!

    it‘s mostly been downhill since the dreamcast if we’re being honest

    I think no one mentioned Gunbird 2 or Marvel Vs. Capcom 2?

    Both are very multiplatform but both are indisputably best on the Dreamcast. Even vs Arcade in Gunbird 2's case