Plz point me towards PCE enlightenment

What the heck. I can‘t imagine this will be good given Hyperkin’s mixed record, but surprised they did it at all. Did that N64 they did ever come out or did it get roasted into cancelation?

@“hellomrkearns”#p134196 it looks so cheap!! What an odd thing to make.

Excellent retrospective on Tengai Makyō Ziria that deserves getting shared widely.

Looking forward to the Manjimaru video.

@“◉◉maru”#p135734 this is definitely neat… I just don't know how people have time to slot watching videos into their lifestyle!! do you watch it on your phone or like… sit in front of your computer and watch these!? how do people do it


@“exodus”#p135751 do you watch it on your phone

Yes. Same for the Insert Credit forums!

@“exodus”#p135751 i call my technique “being in school and procrastinating homework”

@“NoJoTo”#p136061 that's a hot one. I used to do that with “lying on the floor listening to music” lol

BTW @chazumaru I am doing research (asking people who know more than me) about tengai makyou ziria's CD vs SCD version. I've seen folks say it's identical (as in the video above) but I've also seen folks say it improves load times. I got someone on the PCE bible proboards to tell me that at the very least, the data on the discs is different so it's not simply reauthored. will update as I hear more!

@“exodus”#p136066 it redistributes the load times, basically—it doesn't load any faster but it can bite off more at once, so instead of regular long loads you get one extra-long load every so often, so it balances out to being a little quicker en masse.

@“gsk”#p136069 so not the same, indeed! folks got quite a lot better with load times on the platform as time went on.


Does anyone have a spare six hundred and three dollars!?


I get you’re joking but genuinely: how much time is left on this listing? I wouldn’t mind pitching towards a community fund if others would join in! I’d love to contribute towards someone landing such a golden get

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I think it’s too much for all this stuff, even though it’s convenient that it’s all in the same place! It’s a buy it now price so I imagine it’ll be hanging out for some time unless somebody’s really wild for valkyrie, ha ha.

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Perhaps someone from this thread?

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lol I have more Valkryie stuff than that now, minus the actual games


sell it to me for three hundred dollars

Shoulda asked me when I was in Japan last week - I found copies of all the rare books I had in various places. Of all places, Shibuya’s Mandarake surprisingly had a lot of the Valkyrie books and manga??

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I didn’t know you were there! Maybe miraculously it’ll all still be there in a few months :3

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