PNID (Pretendo Network ID) exchange

With one month left before Wii U online servers get shut down, I thought it would be really funny to start a thread like this.

NNID: †girlsperhour

After services cease and Pretendo picks up the slack I think these will still be useful for playing online. I’ve been known to dabble in Splat 1 and MK8!!

Well that didn’t turn out to be true! But the good news is you can set up a Pretendo account right now without even singing up for the $10 month to become a beta tester.

PNID: connrrr

There is a caveat I’ve noticed: your gender defaults to M and there’s no way to change it from the online portal. You need to manually switch gender on a 3DS with Pretendo enabled. I don’t think it’s possible to change it on Wii U at the moment.


haha oops

Today’s the day!


I’ve gotta set this up on my Wii U but I’ve got it on my 3DS.

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