post ur drafts (no context zone)

I answered the poll without looking at the text further down. I gut reacted with wares as an obfuscation of software and items for sale. HOWEVER, Spike Chunsoft is enough for me to vote softs

The one draft that feels worth mentioning is that I had answers to an episode’s lightning round about specialty cocktails named for game developers. One developer was Hideo Kojima, and I agree with the panel’s suggestion of “a smoky tequila;” I think that mezcal is simultaneously an interesting spirit with plenty of range that can be shown to the deepest connoisseurs AND the spirit that casuals/non-drinkers will point to as obscure and unapproachable, which feels in line with Kojima (having not touched a single game of his).

I definitely nailed American McGee - a boilermaker with a Budweiser and a shot of Jack Daniels, which feels fake fancy/basic/Right Wing. I was especially affirmed in this decision by this image coming up on a DooM forum when looking at his levels:


This was on my work version of photoshop. I don’t remember what it was for