Potential Podcast Guests

A few episodes ago, Jaffe said you’ll have the ability to have guests soon and maybe make suggestions.

Mike Mika and Cliff Bleszinski are two industry veterans that are very sharp and have a lot of perspective. I think either of them would fit the show format quite well.

they‘re both easy gets, too - we’ll probably try go get some ladies on there first though, so it's not just a white dude festival 100% of the time

Leigh A. was one of my favorite guests in the first season run of the podcast.

You should get people from the early days of IC… would be fun to have a podcast with Aderack. and Christian Nutt was always fun on the earlier iteration of the podcast.

i always enjoyed Vito, too… and the episodes with Brent Porter and Michael Kerwin.

I know Tim is friends with GrandPooBear, might be interesting to have a professional game player instead of the usual games journalism/industry people.

a lot of the people Tim worked with at Kotaku could be good guests too… Gita Jackson or Jason Schrier, for example.

Could you get people active in the Japanese gaming industry at all? That could be really neat.

Gita! I love Tim and gita’s jibber jabber.

for a show with a guest I kinda want the lighting round to be 2v2 game show style.

ooh, i second Gita Jackson if she's available. also, Christine Love or Kelsey Lewin could be neat!

Gita is on the list, and kelsey lewin is for sure coming on to talk wonderswan with me at the very least… Might be a side episode because who else has anything to say about that, ha ha

Also Christine Love is my pal so why not!

I don‘t know her or have a way to book her, but I follow Michael on Twitter. She’s in software development like many of you are/have been in and I feel her taste and sense of humor is extremely Insert Credit.


If I get a say, I’d really like to get Brian David Gilbert of Polygon’s “Unraveled” on for a weird concept episode.

I feel like this is in the works already, but I'd love to see Bennett Foddy on an episode.

What about Danielle Riendeau or Heather Alexandra?

@neuroshmancer#4201 definitely. i forgot to mention him before, but the streams Tim did with him were some of my favorite things he did while at Kotaku, and i loved his two or so earlier appearances on the podcast.

@neuroshmancer#4201 check out episode 14 - train hard with bennett foddy

You should get more foreigners.

@chazumaru#4278 I agree.

It would be nice to get some people who can talk about the game industry in places that aren't the United States or Japan. I don't have any concrete recommendations though.

Being Insert Credit, you have to get people that you wouldn't find on any other podcast!

@chazumaru#4278 are you volunteering!? We'll put you on here!!

(Not moi.)

Dang it

What about that guy Stuart Gipp who writes for the Retronauts blog? He's in England, and has done some extremely bizarre YouTube and message board content. He would be an excellent fit.