PSP Aesthetic Appreciation Thread

Kicking off with Sony's PSP installation at E3 2005 by Mauk Design.

via Y2K Aesthetic Institute:

I think about this set of images a lot.

ah man, I remember this!! I did not sit in these chairs but I did push them until they bonked together, they made a big CLONK sound and I was asked (rightfully so) to not do that again lol.

big PSP-liker over here

and for better ~~or~~ and worse, when i think PSP, i think...

does anyone know what the deal is in 2022 with PSP replacement batteries? there was some hubbub a few years ago about PSP batteries swelling/blowing up, and i‘m sure Sony doesn’t make PSP batteries anymore. how do we future-proof our beloved aesthetic beauties?

〜〜triple post〜〜

how about that sound logo and wiggly line combo?!

powerful stuff


@“whatsarobot”#p75042 I’d read about the “Cameron Sino” batteries available on Amazon and ordered one blindly based on different threads I’d read and it’s been great so far.

one of the last video game devices to make weird noises…

I just love everything about it. Beautiful hardware backed up by brilliant games.

[Massive image below that you've all probably seen before, sorry]

@“Kimimi”#p75055 please never apologize for this inspiring image


it's a shame that Portable Ops got completely sidelined and hit with retcon rounds from the canon cannon once Peace Walker came out. for getting the mgs2/3 experience onto a handheld, it did fantastically well, and PW moved away from those mechanics into something different entirely.

@“whatsarobot”#p75041 I had a friend who, from day 1 of being in his house all but started accusing me of stealin his stuff. Didn‘t see him for nearly two years before he asked me what happened to his Purple PSP. I don’t covet your Hanna Montana PSP bro, not one bit! lol

@"whatsarobot"#p75042 my buddy got the $9.99 replacement off amazon and says it works fine. I for one don't need a heck of a lot of milli amp hours, so that's what I'll be ordering soon. I'm also pretty well versed in batteries. They swell when they've gotten old, cycled too much, been abused, or run down dry too much, or when the charge controller malfunctions and does one of those things. These days I'd prefer a new stock to an old stock. I also have respect for the flat pack mods out there, since there's not much need for a UMD drive anyhow. Point is, batteries is batteries.

@"rootfifthoctave"#p75100 @"Syzygy"#p75110
hey hey, I like both Peace Walker and Portably Ocean Pacific both a whole bunch. We can live together in harmony. and I agree, head canon is more important than official canon. Sonia Belmondo, Akumajou Dracula Dark Night Prelude aka Castlevania Legends stands earliest on the dracula timeline for me rather than those dummy PS2 prequels that make no sense having victorian gotchic style in the 14th century or whatever.
I love getting a perfect result from a mission just by holding every man up with a banana.

i like PO and PW both an awful lot but i see Porta blOps go unloved so often (and aspects of its story are far better than similar stuff in PW) that i had to take a moment to celebrate it.


@“Syzygy”#p75110 if you have read these two posts and have not played Portable Ops Plus: did you know there’s like 300 levels of MGS ⅔ goodness in there?

i only had PO unplus, so did NOT know this!

@“Syzygy”#p75110 @rootfifthoctave Thank you both for the POps+ posts - I've just ordered myself a copy! It was one of those "Always meant to buy but never did"s :slight_smile:

@“Syzygy”#p75007 this is actually EXACTLY what I was hoping for!! There was so much beautiful work being done on that system. Crisis Core, 3rd Birthday, Metal Gear Ac!d 2, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Lord of Arcana, Ace Combat X, etc. etc.

@"exodus"#p75004 PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT that's incredible

@"whatsarobot"#p75042 seconding Cameron Sino, Ostent is also good. _Do not get ANYTHING else_.

@"Kimimi"#p75055 you are truly the best to ever do it

@"rootfifthoctave"#p75100 Agreed! I really love Portable Ops and despite being a massive MGS superdork I don't care for Peacewalker _at all_.

@"Kimimi"#p75119 congrats! it's really quite good imo

I‘d be remiss if I didn’t mention the extremely strange visual design of the Rengoku games.

They remind me of third person action versions of Genki's first person mech based dungeon crawlers

AKA DungMechs AKA Speklunkers.

Some will tell you she is ugly but to me she is beautiful.

I really like playing sports games on the PSP and they all have this Dreamcast-adjacent look to them that I love. Dead eyed real people telling you how much they like playing tennis with you. It rules and is true across sports games across the console.

There's another aesthetic I always associate with PSP games which is the texture seams in 3D games. It's hard to capture in screenshots or videos but I see it all the time on the console itself. It's sort of like they don't actually wrap, each texture is applied to only one surface and in motion you can see the seam between them. Anyone else notice this? It feels very distinctly PSP to me.

@“sabertoothalex”#p75162 this reminds me, something that just doesn't happen anymore, since the psp generation of japanese sports games,

sports games that have on screen dialogue, in the video gamey way

or really, anything besides rpgs having that type of on screen dialogue, periodt

thanks all for the battery advice!