Public Discord Server Directory

I‘m not sure if we have anything like this on the forums yet, but I wanted to have a single thread to link discord servers from. This can also serve as a place to ask for recommendations. I’ll try to maintain a categorized directory in this first post. I‘m honestly not the biggest discord person, but I think as time goes on, discord servers are becoming increasingly necessary in order to interface with “the cool parts” of the internet. However, I’ve found it hard to actually find interesting servers without someone linking me. So hopefully a curated list like this could be useful.

I've started by just listing Discords that I know IC people run, though I'm sure I've missed a lot. Let me know if you have a discord. Also share other public discords you spend time in! Please write a sentence or two description that I can copy and paste into the main list.

Let me know if any of these links break!

### Insert Credit and friends

If you post on these forums and have a discord, this is where I'll list it.

[IC-Adjacent Dirtbag Zone]( As far as I'm aware, this is the closest thing we have to an Insert Credit discord server. Recently Yeso's been streaming [Microsoft Flight Simulator]( there.

[Necrosoft Games]( Go here for updates on Demonschool and Hyper Gunsport. People also sometimes share cool stuff on here.

[Actionbutton]( This is Tim Rogers' discord. It is massive and a little too intimidating for me, though I think a lot of people get value out of it (particularly the hundreds of threads of media conversation).

[Pasokon Beacon]( The discord associated to @"Pasokon Deacon"#8 's [Japanese PC Gaming thread]( This is one of my favorite servers to just open up and read old discussions (despite never actually posting there -- sorry!)