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Brave Fencer Musashi

Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World have both received negative votes. Hard for me to wrap my head around, feels like the video game equivalent of not liking pizza.

@“Herb”#p158858 Well it‘s the Insert Credit forums. So we’re gonna need @exodus to come in and make the correct poll about how much we all like raw meat, that we eat in our caveman costume while using your teeth to climb a waterfall. Then the positive votes are all going to pour in!


@“MoH”#p158852 wait, uh,

cool bonk


@“KingTubb”#p158805 Japanese Box art all day, baby

I'm ecstatic to have shared something with the forums!


😠 US Kirby.


😃 Japanese Kirby!



@“captain”#p159087 probably the rosetta stone for my gaming tastes and even tastes for media in general—i would spend hours as a kid replaying levels to get the right animals or materials for the chao garden, vibing with the knuckles or rouge levels (i loved the music), or replaying the final level to see sonic go super which was the coolest thing i’d ever seen at the time. it was extra great in the summer when my dad would watch my brother and i while my mom was at work—unlike my grandma who was our usual babysitter, my dad didn’t give a shit if we went outside or not so the entire day would be spent playing SA2.

in case it wasn’t clear, i’m hoping we could get this as a poll option ^


@“MoH”#p159110 the knuckles or rouge levels (i loved the music)

I got the Limited Run vinyl of the soundtrack on the strength of the Knuckles tracks alone tbh, but the game has a killer soundtrack in general. It's one of my personal faves, and _SA2 Battle_ is the only game I couldn't bear to part with when I passed my Gamecube on to a friend

@“MoH”#p159110 the music goes stupid hard and though the rap can be seen as corny I still think it works pretty well. The Pumpkin Hill instrumental is so good for no reason. It was also formative for my taste as I grew up. Some of the stages I can still picture in my head (Pyramid Cave especially)

I mean uh…**GAME GOOD**

Insert Credit Show Ep. 290 - Treasure Ranking, with Christa Lee


#>!30!< - Ikaruga

Insert Credit Show Ep. 290 - Treasure Ranking, with Christa Lee


#>!05!< - Radiant Silvergun

Golden Axe II

@“KennyL”#p159191 in my best Tim voice: “Ikaruga is pretty good dude!”

I’m one of the frothing demand-havers and bought it day one and don’t regret it.

Thinking about bfod

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