Ray Tracing on Super Nintendo: SuperRT


[“Ray Tracing on Super Nintendo”,“Ray Tracing on Super Nintendo: SuperRT”]

i love this!! the tech alone is one thing, but I also love the era of 3D demos looking like this building block world.

I have my doubts about this.

@Fishie#11039 I don't understand it at all, but he did put another video up explaining how it works in detail.



I have a pretty decent understanding of the hardware side of things. You know, you can basically route anything through a cartridge. What's cool is when you fully utilize the SNES hardware, expanding one aspect of it, similarly to the Super FX Chip.

here's something else, no expansion at all, just a really sick software engineer.

Just read the Arstechnica article on this a few days. Very very cool.


Yeah, this is cooler than some of those things like Doom on the Game Boy or whatever it was, which is basically redirecting everything to a raspberry pi in a cart or whatever. this is a chip expansion which feels a bit more legit to me… somehow!?

It's pretty cool. Hooking a cart up to a De-10 Nano FPGA (like used in the MiSTer).

It's a fun point to make that even with the use of the original FX Chip back in 1994, the SNES was being used as a glorified power supply and video output. lol