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He only ever said it at least partially in jest, but perhaps Bernie Ecclestone’s old suggestion of installing sprinklers at each track has some merit…

Americans, feel free to ask about our silly game if you want to try understanding cricket presently

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As an American that only became a cricket fan about a year and a half ago, I gotta say I’m pretty stoked about this turn of events.

I had only seen the US international team play once before, in the series they did against Canada recently, and they seemed okay. Watching them play in the T20 cup so far, they actually seem like a real cricket team! It’s nice to have one of those.

It’s Le Mans weekend.

A shame it is starting at 2am here but I’ll try to stay up to watch the first hour of racing.

It really feels like its anyones race this year. Porsche, BMW, Caddilac, Ferrari & Toyota are all looking fast. Hopefully Alpine, Lamborghini and Peugeot aren’t far behind either.

Hope we get some mixed conditions ahain this year but without the long safety cars

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I’m looking forward to it, midnight start for me so not quite as bad. I’ll try to watch the first couple of hours also.

Hypercar looks open and competitive, which is great to see. I also have hopes for some interesting racing in the LMGT3 class. I didn’t see highlights for the GT qualifying, curious what happened to the Iron Dames to qualify only 15th. On this season’s form I expect to see them work through the field from there, hopefully giving us some good racing to watch while doing so.

I watched this onboard lap of Rossi at night, which really demonstrates how tricky it can be with the different category cars all on track in the same place.

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In 3 hours the Netherlands will play against Poland for the european soccer championship here in Hamburg and our neighbours are having a good ol’ time:

I’m not gonna lie. I had a pretty pessimistic outlook on Germany’s chances before the start of the tournament but the 5:1 against Scotland on friday gave me hope.

Not following the Euros super closely but there has been some fun and also depressing content coming out of the festivities.

The Scottish seem to be having a lot of fun and are mostly good vibes only with everyone except the English. Sucks their team is probably gonna be one of the worst.

English are running around singing songs about winning WW2

Some Dutch people did black face during the game this morning

This is the best video so far, Italian and Albanian fans having a good time:

Sports always bringing out the best and worst in people

Also in sad news it’s finally official:

:man_facepalming: idiots, all of them

That’s very true, love that the Albanians and Italians are having a good time together, at least!

Yeah it was merely a formality at this point, unfortunately. But the club at least got 7.5€ mio for letting him go. I hope they spend the money wisely.

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I was in Munich last week leading up to the opening match and the Scots were amazing guests. Excited, funny, rowdy, but respectful.

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Awesome dodger game tonight, top of the ninth dodgers scored a grand slam and then a triple, going from 9-4 to 9-11

Sad to hear what’s going on with the A’s. Any oaklandites with inside scoop? Oaklands culture is awesome and it’s sad af to see them exit due to some politics/real estate whateverness


Yeah the A’s moving has been a big story here for a long time. They’re owned by a POS rich boy who inherited all his daddy’s money. He has been purposely driving the team’s value down, spending nothing on the team to put good players out there, increasing ticket prices, and begging for tax payer money to build a new stadium. The goal, which he now seems to have accomplished, was to make things so dire that the MLB would approve moving the team to Vegas. Everyone hates this guy. Sports journalists all over have written in depth articles about how pathetic he is and how obvious his scheme is. Of course all the other owners and the commissioner of the MLB are behind him because of the potential payday a team in Vegas could bring compared to Oakland.

It has devastated the community here and people have heavily mobilized to try to get him to sell the team to someone who actually wants to field a good team here. Nothing came from that but it’s a huge movement. If you go out in Oakland you’re likely to see someone wearing a shirt in A’s colors that says SELL on it. A’s games only average like 4000 attendance now because there’s no point. After this season they’re supposed to go play at a minor league AAA ballpark in Sacramento for two years until the Vegas stadium is done.

This same POS owns the San Jose Earthquakes too and runs them similarly. Spends no money on the team and they’re the joke of the league. To the MLS’ credit though they’ve told him to go shove it when it comes to relocating because they know the Bay Area is one of the most valuable markets out there. But for MLB we have the Giants too who are a much bigger cash cow so they’re fine moving the A’s elsewhere.


In other sad baseball news


Willie is one of those old time folks I wasn’t even aware hadn’t passed yet. Which comes off kind of mean, but I think it’s a good thing because it means he didn’t go “too soon”. (But that’s subjective obviously. Just because I’d be more than happy to pass away peacefully at 93, doesn’t mean everyone is.)


Like any baseball fan, loved the guy. I thought about him often when I lived up in Sugar Hill. I would walk past the site of the old Polo grounds all the time on my way to Yankees games, and would always immediately think of the Say Hey Kid and imagine him and the field there.


When my grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s was still alive he struggled to hold any kind of conversation or remember most any of the family members’ names. Yet, I was watching a baseball game on TV with him once and asked him who the best ball played was that he ever saw. He immediately lit up and burst out, “The Say Hey Kid!” He then launched into a little story about seeing Willie play in person. That was by far the most lucid I’d seen the man in his last few years, Mays definitely made an impression on people.


it sucks ass. A fun team more often than not with lots of memorable players over the years. Huge bummer indeed. See also: Raiders, Oakland


That’s gonna be me someday, only literally no one will have any idea what obscure video game to bring up that will get me going.


I just imagined your loved ones surrounding you on your deathbed. A small child leans forward to tell you, “Grandpa treefroggy I just started playing Dragon Quest V.”

You say, “Aaaahhhh, bless you child. Are you having fun with the Super Famicom?”

With a quizzical look she replies, “Grandpa, what’s a Super Famicom? I got DQV from the antique store, it’s on this thing called a DS!”

You shout out, “Begone Satan! You haven’t taken all my APM yet!” as you begin frantically hitting the button to the morphine drip.


Grandpa, what’s GOMOLA SPEED?


My new waking nightmare is that in my twilight my loved ones purchase my favorite game, FFVI, for me to while away the hours. In my state of dementia however I am not able to communicate the difference between the pixel remaster and the SNES version. The amount of tears I may have shed in my youth over the opera scene is easily eclipsed by that of looking at some extra smooth-looking Dark Winds and Leaf Bunnies.