Regional meetups with forummates!

Kind of a weird ask considering COVID and all, but there will be some point in time where we are all vaccinated or at the very least infection is rare enough an occurrence to allow us to risk socializing.

**_And I am in dire need of people to playtest things with._**

I live in one of the five boroughs of NYC and the weather will be tolerable in just a few weeks so I want to know if anyone would be open for planning a hang/some hangs sometime in the warmer months. I know some indoor places we can try to in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area too.

I would like other regions to use the thread as a resource too. We could make a google calendar with all the events dated and details.

If anyone is down to hang/thinks this is a good idea/wants to help- drop a post!


_updated 2022.05.30_
We are going to try rally for general organization for the Next NYC meet up.

I was thinking about swinging up to New York myself some time soon-ish - I was planning on the Summertime, but if you're trying to make something happen here in the Spring I could try and make that work!

I‘m upstate a bit but can get to NYC pretty easily by train; I’d be down to meet up with some IC-type humans!

@“LoBFCanti”#p65248 I‘ve been extremely busy lately so I don’t know if I‘ll have time for a meetup in NYC but I’m optimistically interested. Maybe in a couple months.

In the meantime if you need playtesters and can get to Brooklyn you might want to try Wonderville and their discord. Lot of game dev going on there

First Wednesday of every month is playtest night, they have details on their website

you all should definitely do this! maybe jaffe will go, ha ha.

but also you should all wear masks the whole time, that's my bigtime advice.

@“LoBFCanti”#p65248 I am in the city. Keep me posted.

I’m in the area! Would definitely be interested, schedule permitting—I’ll keep an eye on the thread

i could try to come down to seattle at some point. will wear a nametag to avoid saying “tape vulture” out loud

@“tapevulture”#p65337 I would go up to Seattle at some point possibly in the late summer. I will wear a nametag that has my Actual IRL Name on it, but would make you all say “Antillese” out loud as much as possible.

I would also be willing to help facilitate a get-together in Portland. I have a perfect record of having a great time with people I've met through this forum in my area who I now consider actual friends.





Given that you all replied so soon, you get first say on scheduling! This month might be a little short notice (and still very cold) so closer to or in the month of May would probably be best.

I figure Saturdays would be easiest for people, personally not oppose to Fridays or Sundays either! May 14th feels like a good enough time for people to plan ahead if they need to. Let's work within this range for a first meet if the 14th doesn't seem good for the majority: April 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st, or 28th.

We can settle on where as soon as set a date but I have a suggestion (and be sure to share your own!):

Xenozero is a hobby shop in the lower east side I can ask if they can hold some space for us on a day. They have console set ups, (mainly for fighting games) we can use, board games, popular card game merch, and a bathroom. It is in walking distance of Essex which has tons of food and is in close vicinity to Chinatown/Little Italy.
This will have an entry fee of like $5 or $10 depending if we use the consoles or not. I might be able to ask about a bundle. Get an obligatory "videoball" set up lmao.

Essex market itself is a great meet up option itself, probably busy on the weekend but they always have enough sitting in my experience.

Thanks for the info @TracyDMcGrath !


I’ve been extremely busy lately so I don’t know if I’ll have time for a meetup in NYC but I’m optimistically interested. Maybe in a couple months.

In the same boat as TracyDMcGrath. Xenozero sounds "wicked cool" as we say in the region I would be taking the bus from

@“tapevulture”#p65337 If I visit the office soon I'll come see you and “Antillese”

@“LoBFCanti”#p65379 My schedule is super flexible, so any of these days would be fine for me. Count me in for whatever someone with a more rigid schedule needs!


I think April is too soon to schedule, but I should have unscheduled weekends after May 8.

I typically work Saturdays so Sunday would be a little better for me, although I can easily just take a day off as long as I have a couple weeks heads-up.
~~So May 14th could definitely work for me!~~

**UPDATE:** I have a family event on the 14th, so it would have to be a later weekend

I’d like to go to a bunch of Mets games this baseball season, so if anyone is in the New York area and wants to see a baseball game with me some time between May and October, let me know!

I’m in NYC, sometimes

@“LoBFCanti”#p65379 my work schedule is all over the place, but may 14 happens to work out well! I’m cool working with whatever is best for most people though, thanks for trying to organize something :slight_smile:


@“Jaffe”#p65456 Mets games

Heck yeah, now we’re getting to my neck of the woods! I’ve only been to Citi field a few times (I’m still nostalgic for Shea tbh) but it’s a real chill time.

Baseball stadiums rank at the top of my favorite places to hang out!

Y‘all have fun! I’m stuck in North Texas where, at best, I can look forward to QuakeCon and local retro PC meetups. We do have some cool barcades, I guess.

Might as well say: any IC heads going to Coachella? Message me. I'm around both weekends.

It's going to be my first big festival!