Regional Super Nintendo Entertainment System acronym pronunciation

Where I'm from, Australia, I have always called it a “sness” but I hear a lot of people pronouncing it as S.N.E.S. on the internets.

What I want to know is, how to do you say it and where are you!?

Heck, I missed system in the title.

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["Regional Super Nintendo Entertainment acronym pronunciation ","Regional Super Nintendo Entertainment System acronym pronunciation "]

As a child I'd call it the Snezz. As an adult I prefer to give it its full title of, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here it's just the “Super Nintendo”, for the NES we do the “ness” thing tho.

‘Snezz’, Scotland

in Chicago back during the SNES lifespan we said ‘super nintendo’ in full. Cannot recall one instance of anyone ever using an acronym. Don‘t know if that’s changed, I haven't talked to another person irl about video games since 1998 or so

Almost everyone I knew at the time in Baltimore/DC said ‘super en ee ess’ or ‘ess en ee ess’.

I think there's going to be a big USA vs UK split on this one. They always do shortened nicknames over there like moz for morrisey or becko for david beckham, ronno for ronaldo or whatever

@“Ellis Bell”#p55892 I will never truly recover from a childhood of knowing Miyamoto as “Shigsy”

@“monocosm”#p55895 We got “Shigsy” here in Oz too. Main offender was Hyper magazine.

I and everyone I knew growing up called in the “Super Nintendo” (this is in suburban NYC). I think I was mostly aware that its “real” name was the Super NES, but the NES was known as “the Nintendo,” so this seemed like the logical familiar name. I was honestly a bit surprised to find out later in life that people called it the “sness” or “snezz,” which seem like real awkward words to pronounce!

En Ee Es (or Nintendo) and Super En Ee Es (or Super Nintendo) around Dayton Ohio.

My cousin called levels “boards”, extra lives were called “mans”, Gaiden was Gayden, and Ryu was Rye Yoo.

@“kory”#p55897 Agreed. No snap to it and almost sounds derogatory - like what a Sega kid would call it (lol)

My theory for the origins of ‘Snezz’ in the UK is that the SNES is the ‘Super’ version of the NES, a console that basically did not exist here. The SNES acronym was therefore meaningless.

Madison, WI - ‘Es En Ee Ess’ or ‘Super Nintendo’. Never ‘sness’ until I heard it decades later.

It's aaauuhhhh regional dialect

I grew up not knowing the console personally but hearing several (American) names for it in videos on The Web

"sness," "ess en ee ess," "super nintendo," "big bertha"

me I like to call it the "ssnintendo" B)

Always, always the letters of the acronym. S N E S. Or “Super Nintendo”. Saying “snes” as a single word sounds bizarre to my ear and I didn’t realize people did that until like two weeks ago.

This is in southern New England


@“captain”#p55903 “ssnintendo”

I think we have found the one true pronunciation.

Nintendo and Super Nintendo in suburban Los Angeles. Think I've only heard sness on youtube.