replacement game art

I saw there was already a thread here about replacement game cases, but I have the cases, I need the art. I have a bunch of game disks and blank cases, but I want to put them on my shelf

I know about, but I don't have a printer at home. has anyone had success printing stuff like this out at like, the library or staples or something? did you use a specific kind of paper?

thanks all

@“SlumWolf”#p109465 I haven‘t done it with game covers before but the FedEx/Kinkos locations near me have self-printing stations and I believe you can use nicer paper. From some of the stuff I’ve ordered for print pickup, the quality has been decent for the price. I think if you want to get as close as possible to the originals you'd want to use a slightly thicker paper.

They have a bunch of tables with paper cutters as well so you can get those good clean, edges.

Will second that Fedex/Kinko's is probably a solid option.When I worked at a student run movie theater in college we used them to print our movie posters and the quality was quite good. I still have a couple of them hanging on my walls 8 years later.