Replacement game cases?

Awhile ago I got back into buying Genesis/MD games, where it‘s becoming harder all the time to score complete-in-box copies of things. Over half my collection is cart-only, and I’m mostly cool with that, but every time I see a pic of someone's MD collection I think, “Man those chunky, colorful spines sure look good on a shelf.” So I think I want to look into getting some replacement cases, at least for my favorite games in the collection. In particular I have Bare Knuckle 1 boxed but BK2 and 3 without, and it eats me up inside.

It seems like there are a lot of people selling replacement cases/inserts on Etsy and elsewhere, but it's a lot to sift through and so far the top SEO hit seems to be located in Croatia, which might be fine (I'm thinking of shipping costs) but I thought I should ask around and see if anyone knows of a good source that serves the US for not a lot of added cost. I'm looking for high-quality, region-accurate replications of the actual box art, not hideous bootleggery.

Also feel free to use this thread to talk about game case/art substitutions, attractive storage/display solutions, etc. in general!

I was lucky, in that when I collected most of my Genesis/Mega Drive library, it was super common for these games to still come with cases (unlike cardboard boxes, that eventually someone would sit on and squash). :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I had a source for you. I'm sure you Googled into this already on Amazon. Or these.

I poked around Wish and there are folks selling 5 cases for around 10-20 bucks on there. Hopefully someone with experience on these sources can chime in.

Now, SEGA CD/Saturn cases ... THOSE are a pain in my ASS. ;)

BTW, I've been *dying* to find the time to do this with my GameBoy collection (which is 99% loose in the little protective cases). People are taking cassette tape cases, which you can still buy in bulk new, removing the tape spindle nibs on the inside, printing up new art work, and voila!

Only issue is manuals don't seem to fit. But this looks and seems so much better than a pile of carts with no side labels, that have to be individually checked in order to find the right game. :P


When I was a kid I had a great Genesis collection that was all complete-in-box, but my dad made me get rid of it when I got a PS1. I‘ve spent the last 15 years slowly reacquiring it (and a bunch more), but it’s way harder to get them in box now. :frowning: THANKS DAD (no really, he's a wonderful man)

Anyway, I'm looking for artwork too, not just the cases, so I've had my eye on [this vendor](, but apparently it takes over a month to ship. Not that there's any rush, but I'm doing this in part as a therapeutic distraction so something closer to instant gratification would be preferable.

I like that Game Boy solution for cart-only games! I also miss tapes in general. Such great handfeel.

I don‘t think you’re going to find anyone manufacturing these in the US - you‘re best off buying them from chinese sources which is who’s making them anyway. It‘ll be cheapest, and it’ll take just about as long as anywhere else. Aliexpress is a good spot for it, though I can‘t order from there because they won’t accept my card!

I have A LOT of Genesis and Master system cases. I kept buying lots of used ones on ebay a long time ago (it always wound up being cheaper per case, even with not all of them being in great condition). It was so I could make my Genesis launch day collection nice. (This is an earlier photo before I got more cases that still had the hang tags intact).


I know you're looking for box art as well, but this might help for now. How many do you need? I can just give them to you. I haven’t touched them in over four years. Then maybe you can print your own inserts?

Is it Crislip’s collection that you keep seeing pictures of? Makes me jealous!

@adamazing#8802 (Barry Burton voice) Adamazing! You're here too!

Thanks for the very nice offer! Hmmm lemme DM you on Twitter about that.

Although most of my Genesis faves came later on in the system's life, your very rad launch day collection exemplifies why I'm bothering to do this. Love those big ol' slabs of art! In particular I think the Ghouls 'n' Ghosts box art is my favorite thing about Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.

And yeah, Crislip, retro gaming Twitter and subreddits, Mega Drive FB groups, anywhere the 16-bit brigade is showing off.

genesis cases are one thing I decided I can‘t actually put out on the floor. I just have too god darned many, and they’re too big, so they‘re in storage (in my house, but storage none the less). It’s real unfortunate! got to wait til I have a bigger place (lol) before I can put those out. Right now my genesis carts are all in cassette organizers so at least they're browsable.

I‘m pretty low-key obsessed with pictures of other people’s set ups, collections, and just photos of cool physical media. I'm glad I might not, hopefully, be alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

@exodus#8847 Yeah! I remember once thinking it would be so cool to hoard a large (if not complete) American Genesis library, cases and all. When I got to around 30-50, I realized that was going to require a ridiculous amount of space.

@exodus#8847 That‘s one reason I’ve been content to often settle for cart-only games, but I‘ve also realized many of my all-time favorite games and game boxes are Genesis/MD, so now I’m approaching it as a distinction reserved for faves. X-Men and Vectorman can stay loose.

@sosadillatron#8849 Definitely not alone!

Yeah, it makes sense! And frankly genesis manuals are usually incredibly boring by comparison to the nes/pce era. Usually black and white, too. mega drive ones are nicer!

@exodus#8862 Man, remember opening a new game and getting disappointed because an instruction manual was black and white? It could have been the greatest game in the universe, but I’d still be a bit upset if it came with a black and white manual. “Is this even a good game? I’m a kid.”

@sosadillatron#8850 I have since reserved this for the shown Genesis launch stuff and all the Renovation Products and Vic Tokai games (and maybe stuff that has terrible art that I like to look at and write a 75000 word article about (in my head)).

@adamazing#8870 yeahhhhhhhh I still sometimes feel that way to this day (with genesis games)!! foolishly, but there it is.

@exodus Yeah the manuals aren't great. On the other hand, I just played Shadowrun the other night with no prior knowledge, and discovered the manual was pretty critical to making sense of it. There are unlabeled maps in the back you can fill in by hand as you discover each location. Pretty fun!