Anybody else getting Resident Evil 8? I just got done replaying 7 and it still owns. As a grown man with a full-time job I really love how well-paced the recent games have been - they take you maybe 8 or 9 hours your first time through, but you really knock off a lot of time in subsequent playthroughs. I took maybe 8 hours to beat Resident Evil 2 last year but by my 3rd playthrough I could get through it in maybe 4. This was only my second playthrough of 7, which I hadn‘t really touched since it came out, but if I beat NieR Replicant this week I’d really love to take a few days before 8 comes out to really sit with 7 and try to learn it.

8 looks like absolutely my shit. Honestly can't believe it took this long for the series to lean so hard into full-on Gothic horror with vampires and werewolves and such. Not gonna bother with the rest of the demos, though, that first one was all I needed. Bring on the big tiddy vampire

@GigaSlime#28220 yeah I second all of this. I played the wheels off of 7. I’m still rocking a base ps4 though and would love to get a ps5 as there is finally a critical mass of must plays out that would at least benefit from the upscaling.

Watched a playthrough of the most recent demo and it looks like a heck of a good time

7 was too intense for me so I could never get into it. RE2 remake I was very into until I had to play as the child. Dropped it because of that.

I do dig 1, 2 and 4 though. 4 is fantastic on the Wii.

I had a lovely Resident Evil experience this year. I was (probably too young to be) there in the moment for Resident Evils 1 through 4, & spent a college semester at my first house playing through all the core games. I‘ve always adored the series for its mishmash of horror, Hollywood, camp & K-drama insanity, & counted RE4 pretty highly among the most important games to me, but I didn’t own any consoles for a time when I first moved to Los Angeles – circa 2009 through 2011 – so I fell off the wagon completely after that game.

During quarantine, I introduced the person I've been seeing to RE4 & she latched onto more than I could've possibly imagined (Leon memes to this day). It reignited my love for this silly-assed series, so I got to have that wonderful experience where you realize that while you've been away, someone has made _a whole lot more_ of that thing you love. So in 2020, I played through Resident Evils 5, 6, Revelations, Revelations 2 & the remake of RE2, all for the first time (shortly: 5 is pretty good, you're not fun at parties if you don't like 6, Revelations had absolutely no revelations to speak of, Revelations 2 is underrated if you play co-op, & 2 Remake is sublime).

So this weekend, my RE4 buddy & I are going to play through REVII together, because we've both committed to playing Village on release. It's pretty neat how sharing & rediscovering a thing I used to adore coincided with it being in the zeitgeist again in a big way, I'm enjoying that a lot.

@tokucowboy#28232 guess I’m no fun at parties!

@CidNight#28233 I totally get why it‘s hated – it is a terminally overstuffed game that deviates so far from what you could fairly define as ’Resident Evil‘ that it’s unrecognizable. But I cruised through it on easy mode & it was exactly as stupid as I wanted it to be (as well as being a really smooth & painless playthrough). Maybe being in a place where I‘m so far removed from it being the new Resident Evil game (& having access to pretty much every flavor of Resident Evil all the time) helped, but I just delighted in Leon killing the zombie president, UN hostages being carted around on the backs of scorpion monsters in Big Chris’s Biohazard: Call of Duty Edition, zombies parachuting out of helicopters, incel zombie T-rex, & Leon pretty much sniffing Ada‘s compact. It’s the Oops! All Berries of Resident Evil, in that it is 100% big dumb set pieces (this metaphor would work better if Barry was there, though)

I loved it, & I would still party with you


@tokucowboy#28237 incel zombie T-rex,

Excuse me??? (I haven't played RE6)

@GigaSlime#28238 Real dumb Resident Evil 6 spoilers which I love: || so the main villain in the game is pretty boring except for having a nice bolo tie, & one of his primary motivations is that Ada Wong doesn't like him, so he clones Ada out of an egg & ends up turning into a giant truck-throwing zombie T-rex – & I mean it is just straight-up a T-rex – at the end, which Ada shoots with a helicopter, etc.||

EDIT: Yes! @Syzygy the Mercenaries mode is great

@tokucowboy#28244 So I only played through one of the RE6 campaigns (the new guy and Sherry) and holy crap it sounds like that one was the normal one! I should try it again with just a pure camp appreciation and just have fun with it. The biggest problem with the campaign I played was that it was extremely boring! There was some big dumb snow level with snowmobiles and slippery ice and it was (or felt) 20 hours long.

I’d party with anyone who could appreciate RE6 the way you seem to.

@Syzygy#28243 my roommates and I in college turned RE4 mercenaries into a competitive sport. One of my friends, who had never actually played a resident evil game, was so good I think he could have had a YouTube channel had it been 10 years later.

@CidNight#28246 Not to be that guy, but that was probably the most boring chapter (though it was good to see Sherry again & I ended up liking Jake) & the dark snow part was pretty boring, so I get it. But, yeah, if you ever find yourself in the mood for the extreme camp that the series has sort of moved on from, Leon & Chris‘ chapters are a big idiot steak – I recommend just cranking the difficulty down (& playing with a person if there’s one nearby)

Yeah I dropped off at that snow chapter too. I liked chris' chapters, but I thought the Leon ones were a bit too much Walk Straight From Cutscene To Cutscene

I‘ve got RE8 all preordered and I intend to write up a review for my site once I’ve finished playing it but… I‘m hoping to be pleasantly surprised and/or proved wrong, rather than actively looking forward to it. I didn’t enjoy RE7 for a whole host of reasons and this seems to be repeating the same mistakes.


@tokucowboy#28250 big idiot steak

Just want to say this is an exquisite sequence of words

Okay here‘s what’s up with me and resident evil:

I have played the first hour or two of RE 1 like 10 times and the next two hours maybe once.

I played the original RE2 once for 4 hours but got stuck

I didn‘t play RE3 much.

I played RE Code Veronica on the dreamcast in japanese ::sunglasses face:: but I didn’t finish it

I've played through RE4 on the gamecube, PS2, and xbox 360.

I beat RE5 co-op which is the only way to do that.

Then I stopped playing resident evils for, I don't know, 10 years!? More??
I played the RE3make demo and thought it was alright but not for me.
I played the RE2make for about an hour and think it's real good and keep meaning to go back to it.

But I've not played 6 or 7. Shouuuuuld I? I'm thinking about 8 but I keep missing the demo play period by a few hours. What say ye all!? As should be clear, the only Resident Evil I've really REALLY liked is 4.

@exodus#28317 Looking at your reactions to the games listed I‘d recommend playing through RE2make, trying RE3make again (they’re really not that different, IMO), and leaving the others you've mentioned.

Oh! Do try both Revelations games if you can: These days they're either cheap or very cheap depending on the time of year and I love them both to bits! I thought they were the best balance of horror/action/puzzling/the absurd the series has ever had.

Thanks!! I bought those revelations games recently, I‘ll give them a go - I suppose it’s best on 3DS though, yes? I got the switch ones, but I can go the pure route if it's preferable.

RE7 rules in my opinion! It‘s kind of wild in my opinion how different it is from the rest of the series. It’s almost like it retroactively makes many of the other games feel like goofy spin off games of this much more lean and focused first person survival horror game.

I think the game also has an interesting relationship to combat, in the sense that there sure isn't all that much of it. Nonetheless the combat that does exist in the game still manages to cultivate a tension and atmosphere that makes the entire game feel dangerous anyway.

It also does not overstay its welcome, and it is real fun to look at... wow that lighting

@exodus#28331 Oh no, play the original Revelations on whatever format you‘ve already bought it on - there’s no reason to go back to the 3DS version outside of curiosity.

@exodus#28331 yeah I would say play the RE1-3 remakes, then 7. I don’t personally think 5 or 6 are essential and frankly 5 is… well you know about 5 right?

Then rebuy RE4 for every new console you get and continue to replay it every two years.