Retro Achievements!

I‘ve been really enjoying Retro Achievements for pretty much all of the software emulation games I’ve been playing.

So, I decided to start a thread about them!

[Retro Achievements]( are hosted by the website of the same name and the site adds user-made achievement functionality into emulated games, from the earliest examples all the way until the PSP & PS2. (And more on the way, as I understand it)

You create an account, log into whatever supported emulator you're using, and then get in-game achievements as you would expect from a modern platform.

So, do you use Retro Achievements? Do you like them? What games have you been making your way through using the service?

Recently, I (almost) completed Half-Life on the PS2, but there was a 2-hour speedrun achievement that I gave a few reasonable attempts at, but soft locked myself three times in a row on three different runs and gave up.

I'm playing lots of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP these days using Retro Achievements. Game owns!

Oh, the website also hosts weekly & monthly achievement challenges/showcases. I like checking out the games that make it onto those lists, the weekly one is always showcased on the front page. Recently I really enjoyed "Heroes vs. Demons"! an RPG-lite match 3 homebrew game for the Master System, it got featured there and so I played it! I never would have had the opportunity to play it, otherwise, I imagine.

PS: There is also a friends system, so if you use this service, [feel free to add me!](

I made an account earlier this year, but didn‘t set it up with retroarch until recently. I’ve been collecting Shining Force II achievements while playing it for the game club. It's neat!

I really do like this service in tandem with game clubs & showcases - as I mentioned in the post, I really like the weekly achievement showcases. They always make sure to have that weekly one be one that is achievable within ~2 hours of gameplay, so I've learned of some neat games through there.

Cool to hear you're enjoying it! I Should check out Shining Force II as well.

I also just started doing these! The sets are definitely of varying quality, but I had a blast doing the Diddy Kong Racing one. If I have one gripe, it's that it really makes public how scattered my retro gaming habits are. I really need to remember turning them off for when I just want to play around with stuff.

@“christoffing”#p137193 I definitely know what you mean about it exposing your gaming habits!

Agree with the varying quality - my biggest pet peeve is games that have lots of highly challenging achievements (beat the final boss of the game on the hardest difficulty, without taking any damage, in under 2 hours from a new game) or something equally ridiculous.

Half-Life, for example, has a really reasonable set that you can get in about 4-5 playthroughs. Except maybe for that speedrun example. I think that's reasonable since the game is short enough.

I find games that have lots of mass appeal (Super Mario 64 being an egregious example) have achievements that are just way too hard to be in their standard set. Some games have challenge sets to separate the ridiculous ones and I think more games need that.

in general, though I really enjoy most games list and I think most are perfectly reasonable.