Retro game stores in NYC

Hey y'all,

A dear friend of mine will be in NYC next month and has plans to visit some shops to add to his collection of Sega Game Gear and Mark I games - he only has a day really for this and doesn't know the lay of the land too well.

Edit - he's staying in Times Square so that's his starting point.

Can any dear people here recommend anywhere worth visiting please? Either to actually buy or simply visit as it's an experience unlike anywhere else!

Thanks all in advance for any advice or recommendations on this =)

@“Tom of the Fog”#p147305 We have a small but okay selection of Game Gear stuff at VGNY. No Mark 1 stuff (we are light on all import retro really), but a fair bit of Master System.

The book off near Times Square seems to get waves of import stuff, I saw a good Famicom pile there in November.

@“robinhoodie”#p147313 That‘s great thank you! I know the mark I/II stuff is tough to find but anything Sega is what he’s after! And for me if I can persuade him to ditch some clothes and bring me Saturn stuff!

@“Tom of the Fog”#p147315 We are okay on MD and SAT stuff, even some Sega CD, same with retail DC. We maybe have the largest on hand selection of aftermarket Dreamcast stuff in the country / world.

@“robinhoodie”#p147318 I'll make sure to ask for pictures!