Retro & used game shops

I’m wondering what people’s experience with retro & used game shops have been around the world.

I live in Vienna and there’s like 8 used game shops in town (GameStop has stopped doing business in Austria), but most of them are super overpriced. I’ve seen them sell Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for like 200€ CIB when you can get the same game for a fifth of that price on our local Craigslist equivalent.

There’s one shop I go to regularly however that tends to have fair prices (around 10-20% more than online, rather than 2-3 times the price) and they often open to haggling.

I kinda wish the stores we have had more of a cozy recordstore type vibe, rather than dollar shop atmosphere.


there used to be a retro and game rental shop right next to where i live, i got Manhunt, WCW vs the World, and NBA Live 2000 from them many years ago. it’s been a cleaning materials shop for a few years now, even before the pandemic i think

When I was growing up in Indianapolis there was an excellent used/retro shop on the north side near Fishers that always had the best selection at fair prices. But that was the early 2000’s, before inflation went wild and all physical gaming stuff was in surplus, rather than a rarity. There were plenty of independent shops back then, including one on 38th street that also sold Japanese games. I remember going there just to buy Dragonball GT: Final Bout. But overall their selection wasn’t as good as the north side shop. And that was the story with most independent shops, price wasn’t the issue so much as selection.

Since I’ve been in NYC I just end up going to the main spots (J&L, videogamesny, Brooklyn video games, etc) because even though they’re expensive due to being in this city, as well as modern rarity/inflation, I can at least count on the goods being quality and enjoy interacting with/contributing to the shops. I’m sure I could find better prices online, but it’s nice to have a place to ride my bike to and just browse like old times.