"Reverse" a game title - the game

Reverse a game title to create a new non-existing game that you'd love to play.

e.g.: The Legend of Link: A Zelda to the Future

Anxiously Noncomformist.


Here's a few:

Chaos (Control)

Sun Sowing (Harvest Moon)

Eating Daddy (Cooking Mama)

Heavy Metal Tartarus (Disco Elysium)

WNBA Free Throw

Yes, More Cowards

I'm curious about Eating Daddy

and also

Yes, More Cowards


The Young Tomes V: Earthcore

Sonic Chronicles: Bright Sisterhood

Foreigner Good

Young Square


@“marxseny”#p143721 Yes, More Cowards

No More Heroes. It think you have to keep the more, because if no is changed to yes then the meaning is reversed

Normal Wario Room
Apple Macintosh Boat Fantasizer

Legally Consented Car Lending V

Metal Gear Squishy

Foreign Virtue.

Misero Turismo

Fantasy Series One


4 Types of Ridge Racer

Combat Ace


Devil Foot

Resident of Evil: First Reality Finale