RIP Akira Toriyama for real

You all already know mangakas often die young from working themselves to death so this may not be a surprise but it‘s akira motherfucking toriyama so this is the big one and this sucks.

Dragon Quest XII dude

that will be his last DQ…

[edit]: no yeah it is a shock I just spent some time crying, he probably would have kept producing into his twilight years and he didn’t really get to say goodbye because this was a sudden death apparently due to an accident. Sorry for sounding cavalier about it at first.

Man …. Fuck

No….i literally was just watching dragon ball…


Just want to share that this has been my phone background for the past few weeks. Now it feels weird, but I also don’t want to change it!

68 years old. It‘s always too early, but this is too much. 68! It’s hard to believe. I remember someone saying last year after Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s passing that we need to protect Haruomi Hosono in a ton of bubble wrap. Let’s go ahead and include Yuji Horii as well.

The more I think about it the more sudden it seems.

I hope Bird found a [shiny Renault 5 Turbo]( to drive and tune in heaven.

Very concerned about how messy the succession rights will become between his family, Capsule Corporation, Shueisha, Toei, Enix and Bandai. I hope this won’t jeopardize upcoming projects for everyone involved.

I’ll play a few rounds of Tobal №**_1_** with Tori this weekend, *in memoriam*.

no words only tears


this SUCKS. the guy is up there with disney and miyazaki for locking down a style that will never go away, that people will riff on but never quite nail. horrible news.

i try not to think of people i admire as grandiose as “heroes” and “legends” but this really feels like we lost one of those

I saw this come up on my morning news feed and it hit me with a real gut punch - dreadful news. The guy's left an inimitable legacy over multiple mediums.

This one hurts. DBZ was an integral part of my childhood and though I only recently played Chrono Trigger and DQ, the creativity with which he imbued his characters with a life-affirming sense of whimsy was one of a kind.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p156663 and of course tezuka

What a legacy. It‘s beautiful knowing how many people were positively impacted by his work. I’ve channeled my inner Goku countless times to get through rough moments.

Loaded up Dragon Quest Treasures last night. What I didn't anticipate was also remembering Insert Credit-adjacent personality Nicky Austin, who loudly loved this game shortly before leaving us as well. Hoping these two legends are kicking it back together in the great smoke spot in the sky. Nicky Austin forever, Akira Toriyama forever