Same names as games

@“exodus”#3 tweeted this picture of a Saturn next to a Saturn which reminded me of my old twitter thread of video game cars. Post images of things that share names with games, characters, hardware, developers etc. Maybe post a title screen or box art too if it’s a more obscure game. Bonus points if it’s a photo of them together.

Update: Not a hard and fast rule but I usually find these funnier when the name is on the thing itself.

I don’t know if it is archived anywhere but, during the first or second Fucking Konami Week, I bought and reviewed the painfully average Snake Eater.


Hmm... Couldn’t track down the DVD at home so instead here is an important Persona and a mediocre Persona.




A couple of locations:

@oprel#6121 You have at least three games on that map. (Four if you count Bad Axe, a video game I have decided to create right now.)

@chazumaru#6122 ‘Traverse City’ was the working title for Grand Theft Auto.

@billy#6123 Bay City, the abruptly cancelled sequel to Bay Route.

@chazumaru#6124 ‘Beaver Island’ was a Duke Nukem expansion pack, wasn't it?

@billy#6125 Only 60s kids will remember this but it used to be named Cadillac-and-Dinosaurs until the fossil oil crisis of 1973.

@chazumaru#6126 Of course!

Reviews weren't kind, but I liked the management sim Tekken spinoff _Roger's City_.

It is the twenties, and there is time for…


Can we make it a rule that the name has to be on the thing?


“Fish eyes”