Share your website!

In the interest of giving all of us more urls to periodically type into our browser address bars and less Twitter to doomscroll through, link us to whatever you've got.

If it's your hyper-personal diary that you've only ever shared with your closest friends, maybe you can let the whole internet (or at least the Insert Credit part of it) become your closest friend.

If you only know how to obsessively post about your inscrutably nerdy hobby, well, it's clear that this whole forum is filled with mega nerds who are constantly on the prowl for new nerdy hobbies.

If all you have is your weird sex blog, then maybe type "NSFW" in big bold letters first, but I guess you can link that too?

If you haven't written an update in five years, then write one! It can be about whatever! Then link us to what you wrote!

If you don't have a blog or website, maybe you can try putting one together. If you don't know what to write, A good start might be to pick out a few posts that you wrote on this very forum and elaborate on them.

Art blogs and other kinds of non-wordy blogs are obviously fine too!

As to what counts as a website, I'd like to make a distinction between personal spaces and social media profile. So, while, say, Tumblrs are probably ok if you post a decent amount of original content, I'd rather not have everyone just post their Twitters. I want to encourage people to try making their own stuff and expressing themselves, even if it seems mediocre. It might be corny and dumb to say this, but I sincerely believe that if you try your best to write from your heart (or whatever other organ you'd prefer writing from), then someone will find it meaningful. (If you don't plan on doing any writing, then in that previous sentence, replace "write" with "draw", "compose" or some other verb that speaks to you.)

Basically, I miss the whole era of blogs. I was pretty young at the time, so every blog I've ever had was idiotic and pointless, and has since been irradiated into nothingness. But maybe idiotic and pointless is a good thing! I sure had fun back then. I've since encountered a lot blogs that I can appreciate a lot more as an adult, but most of these haven't been updated in years. So maybe it would be fun to get back into whatever blogging community there still is -- and if there isn't one, well we might as well try our best to start our own.

I am of course a big hypocrite and don't have a website anymore. To set a good example, I'll try making one over the next few weeks. [Edit: [I finally made a website, many years later](].

In the mean time, all of you should start sharing what you have. Not all of it will interest everyone, of course, but I have a feeling that anyone who visits these forums regularly can probably make stuff that's interesting to at least one other person on here.

For those still not sure why I'm starting this thread -- this is essentially a reaction to the thread @"whatsarobot"#243 started: "Where do you hang out when you've read everything on here?" People had a really hard time coming up with anything besides just Twitter, which is of course very depressing. Therefore, I want to do whatever I can to get people to start changing that. I think that one of the big issues people have with writing blogs is that they often feel like they're just writing for no one. So maybe a thread like this can help people find an audience, even if it's small.


@"Moon"#220 - [Moon Soother]( -- a Youtube channel featuring footage from Moon's life
@"robinhoodie"#120 - [Robinenrico]( -- Rock and roll comics
@"esper"#11 - [Our Broadcast Day]( -- Portfolio of all the cool stuff esper does
@"MegaSigil"#264 - [Twitter]( MegaSigil's Twitter
@"tombo"#195 - -- Video experiments and occasional writing [link is dead but here's tombo's [Youtube Channel](]
@"Lesmocon"#224 - [Lesmocon]( - Writing about video games
@"TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee"#330 - [Twitch]( -- Game development streams
@"Video Game King"#136 - [Something in the Direction of Exhibition]( -- Writing about obscure video games
@"polm23"#164 - [Dampkraft]( -- Writing about video games and programming
@"bone"#473 - [Text and Games]( -- Writing about video games
@"bankbank"#307 - []( -- Video game archival websites
@"Kimimi"#156 - [The Game Eating She-Monster]( -- Writing about obscure video games
@"anderbubble"#271 - []( -- Writing about video games and web programming
@"tapevulture"#292 - [Best Games of All Time]( -- Podcast about deciding on the best video games of all time
@"Nemoide"#315 - [LET US DANCE]( - Anime dancing gifs from 2007
@"hugesugarcrystal"#673 - [Halos]( & [Thunder Gloss]( -- Pathfinder expansion & a rock band!
@"palo"#574 - [Backloggd]( - Video game reviews
@"tokucowboy"#653 - [Portfolio]( -- Film & voice acting portfolio
@"2501"#281 - [Letterboxd]( & [Tumblr]( -- Film reviews and art blog
@"Dunkr"#78 - [Hours Played]( -- Newsletter about a video game film experiment
@"LeFish"#591 - [Medium]( - Writing about video games
@"hellomrkearns"#99 - [Many Tumblrs]( -- Video games & wrestling tumblrs
@"wickedcestus"#185 - [Balckwell Rising!]( -- Personal essays & a podcast about literature
@"Creekgrin"#490 - [Please Don't Listen, Your Life Depends on It]( -- Podcast about films & other miscellaneous topics
@"kowloonwalledcity"#297 - [DEEP HELL]( -- Writing about video games
@"donrumata"#229 - -- (link is dead)
@"devilsblush"#29 - [DVLSBLSH]( -- Visual fan site
@"dracula"#242 - [The Free Cheese]( -- Video game podcast
@"Salloumi"#581 - [Fiction Portfolio]( -- Essays & short stories
@"aerisdead"#116 - [Every Game I've Finished]( -- Writing about video games
@"hammy"#685 - [Hamza Salar]( -- Graphic design portfolio
@"fridgeboy"#446 -[ Suicidal Squirrel]( -- OLD blog (fridgeboy disavows everything posted on this website)
@"fridgeboy"#446 - [ Archaeology Tube]( -- Youtube channel about archaeology
@"edward"#1011 - [Wolf]( -- Newsletter about books, games, music, TV, etc.
@"milo"#451 - [2 PLAYER INC.]( -- Classic video game arcade
@"tomjonjon"#140 - [Inverse Receptacle ]( -- Artwork for a friend's song
@"Funbil"#p93923 [FUNBIL ZONE]( & [Pitter-Patter]( -- The first is a central hub for Funbil's music, games and writing, while the second is the homepage of their game dev group.
@"2501"#p93968 - [The Film Stage]( -- A website with writing on movies that 2501 sometimes contributes to.
@"whatsarobot"#243 - [Calm]( -- Newsletter possibly about manga, beauty found in art and nature, weirdo encounters, hot takes, beauty secrets, etc. maybe something about a jrpg or two, and probably some NBA basketball content.
@"treefroggy"#449 - [treefroggy's Twitter]( -- just for retro gaming developments, retro gaming news, and art
@"Obspogon"#1462 - [Obspogon's Zone]( -- Personal website with a blog for putting cool things Obspogon finds on the internet.
@"deepspacefine"#1200 - [deepspacefine's Medium]( -- He writes about video games and politics
@"KennyL"#454 [Youtube]( & [Tumblr]( -- video game MIDI music and videos and things that he can relisten to on his own devices around the house.
@"Emily"#902 - [8unp]( -- Growing library of electronic zines
@"Andy B"#1582 - [Andy B's Medium]( -- Personal game reviews
@"saddleblasters"#300 - [Saddleblasters' blog]( -- Personal website
@"copySave"#332 - [copySave's Youtube channel]( -- Old games on CRTs
@"JXUA"#1206 - [JXUA's website]( -- Shows off their art and video-game-related projects
@"MoH"#1454 - [Mallet Under Heaven]( -- MoH's fiction
@"Salloumi"#581 - [If You Can Make it Here]( -- Newsletter about moving to New York, written as though to a close friend
@"safety_lite"#521 - [HARPERSIMS.SITE]( - Portfolio with sections for personal comics and zines

I dont have a website but I do have a [youtube channel](

I got a camera as a birthday gift in July
and have been trying to get some use out of it, and to slowly increase the complexity of my projects so I can get more comfortable at editing. It's currently mostly unedited videos of me swimming in the ocean (bodysurfing, but mostly just filming other surfers. Might be nice for some people as like a ambient background video or something), but I hope to work myself up to doing a video essay style thing at some point.

Here are three videos I've made you can check out. They aren't much and I'm still teaching myself but I'd love to know what you think.
(My only ocean video with music)

(I edited a trump rally on the 24th with the song "everybody's free to wear sunscreen" and I'm happy with how it turned out)

(My first attempt to record myself performing alone "on camera", something I'm not 100% comfortable with [talking to myself feels a little weird] but am trying to get more comfortable with)

@Moon#8447 I am really enjoying the ocean video, which is not at all something I expected to be my thing! Make more of those (with music)!

(I'll watch your other videos later when I have time.)

@saddleblasters#8448 the water out here is starting to get cold but I do have one more in the can from this summer that I haven't uploaded yet.

I have a ton of my recent slow horror / slice of life comics, links to buy my old rock and roll comics, and links to a bunch of other random work I have done on my website


WOW! Everybody here is so creative and cool!

I don’t have a website!

it’s not a personal blog per se, but I have some pretty personal writing in this!

its an e-zine i’m launching with some pals, and instead of a newsletter or whatever it’s gonna be a .rar file filled with .txt files and .jpgs and a twine game I made and other cool stuff. releases for free on the 2nd!

You should make the twine game part of the navigation and put the twine actions as embedded folder titles that you click through!

Well, I already outed myself as a porn artist last week. I'm drawing short comics right now, just getting in some practice telling ongoing stories and building an audience before I work up to longer form stuff. Here's my (obviously very NSFW) twitter.

I started drawing porn this summer and it's been weirdly great for me. I never had much of a web presence before due to some bad issues with self-doubt that just made drawing anything feel like a waste of time. Drawing porn is perfect, because it's almost impossible for me to put too much pressure on myself. If something isn't turning out the way I want, I just think "Well, it's just porn. As long as it's got some big anime honkers in there then someone will like it." And so far they seem to!

@robinhoodie#8450 Thanks for linking to these. They look very cool!

@espercontrol#8453 Yeah, e-zines go in here too! I'll check this out when it's released.

I know in my original post I talked a lot about blogs, but I want to say here that weirder formats that are trying new things (or old things in a different way) are very much appreciated as well.

@GigaSlime#8459 Yeah, a lot of my favorite art came out of people doing, like, trashy, hyper-violent direct-to-VHS type stuff, so I can totally see how drawing porn could be conducive to creativity. I'm not really a hentai person, but I do think you have some cool stuff on there!

i do photography and lil video experiments and very occasionally writing at

it's on squarespace which feels wasteful, given that it's entirely a vanity project and the site as i have it set up is extremely simple, but i still haven't gotten around to making my own. still, i like having it, reminds me that i've done some stuff.

the closest I have to anything active is my Medium which gets 2 new pieces a year if it's lucky, normally when I have some game design related brain worm to mash out

I also have a mostly dead Youtube channel (it's been at least 3 years, I think we can call it dead) where I used to do pseudo reviews of games. Every so often I start drafting a new one in my head then think about how much work it would be and how I'd have to talk out loud and give up. Most of it is old and embarrassing and I hate it now, but the Yu-Gi-Oh video is probably my best one and hey there is that one hour critique of Uncharted 1 still sitting there that noone's watched! Including me!

I'm still in the process of building a website, but I have a fairly active Twitch page.

Every Sunday at 5PM EST I take requests on the accordion, every Thursday at 5:30 EST I stream game development, and recently I've started learning to speedrun a weird 2005 Metroidvania that somehow has _no speedruns_.

My friends and I have a website called Soup Web Dot Zone! I post there under the pseudonym Balckwell. While the frequency of posts ebbs and flows, as of late, the Zone has seen quite a flurry of activity, mostly in the form of short fictions! We are even working on a Halloween Update.

My favourite posts to write are personal blogs written in a highly affected, quasi-archaic style, such as this recent one titled ["All Good in the Hood?" ]( Other recent silliness includes [This Post about Water](, and a serialized [hardboiled detective story starring Pokemon's Mr. Mime. ](

I have a YouTube channel but most videos are set to private. Here is a link to a “video” I made that is currently showing in a local gallery. There is no sound.

Not that I update it that much (too busy taking too long to write about Nier Automata), but I do have a blog where I discuss at length older and obscure games that nobody has heard of. It‘s called Something in the Direction of Exhibition, because I’m not very good with names.

This stuff is all great!

@Moon you might want to change the name of that last vid since the first word is considered ableist!

@Video_Game_King#8532 I read a few of the most recent reviews on there, and am definitely going to look into the backlog. I really appreciate your unique approach to writing about games. It seems like you haven't updated in a while, but I would definitely encourage you to keep doing these (if you are so inclined!)

@exodus#8548 I really really really really dont want to start an argument about that word since I‘ve got some mental problems and kind of was using it in a “reclaiming a slur that has been used against me” way, but suffice to say that since I’m only using it to refer to myself I hope it's not too offensive.

Fair enough! Everybody has a different feeling about that stuff