Shoes on the Bed

@“Syzygy”#p102717 I'm open-minded, what are your favourite shoes to wear to bed?


is this a kink thing?

@“deepspacefine”#p102723 ask the video game industry!!!

Do videogame characters in fact suffer from hypervigilance and feel that perhaps goombas or zombies might appear anytime they close their eyes for more than 15 seconds?

I can relate

i cannot imagine a situation where i am fully relaxed with footwear on!! to me having shoes on means i am Going Somewhere or Am Somewhere. but i guess video game guys are always doing that.

@"connrrr"#p102714 ok, i actually logged into the forums after months of not being here to specifically request the unedited version of this. i need this, for my homies, if you would be so kind

@“persephone”#p102748 here you go!

I should probably sleep with sweatpants on because my greatest source of distress when I‘m dreaming is the fact that I’m always trying to get my pants back on before I can fight the demons and specters of my past

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@“Dunkr”#p103064 lol ok I'll count it


@“connrrr”#p102714 I hope that person can either do better or move out

you take the rough with the smooth in life & love. it's a cover over our landlord's already-gross sofa anyway, and i mainly use the chair, so could be worse!

@“rootfifthoctave”#p103071 sorry, it totally didn‘t occur to me you might’ve been talking about a partner before I shot my mouth off. Retracted!!

I think this is the reason Forspoken hasn't been selling well. Just look at how dirty they are! Have some self respect Frey!!!

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Farming sims love shoes on the bed/ walking straight under the covers (see also Harvest Moon for SNES)

Here's a friend who takes his shoes off before sitting on the bed. (Or roller blades as the case may be)

He also sleeps under the covers, though it is left to the player's imagination whether he takes his roller blades off or not.

I've been playing God of War: Ragnarok and Kratos and Atreus are constantly going to sleep with all their armour still on.

@“Tradegood”#p105066 nooo not again frey what are you doing??


@“Tradegood”#p148463 relieved to see her wake up in an actual bed this time at least!!

@“connrrr”#p148465 True but it makes it all the more egregious that her shoes are on the top sheet. It's not like you can get a washing machine in Athia!

In harvestella not only do they sleep on top of their bed with their shoes on, sometimes they do it with a full set of armor.

It's even funnier in harvestella because they have a "get into bed" animation rather than just spawning you there, where your character carefully brings their shoe-clad feet up onto the bed and then snuggles up. If I did a list of games good games with under 80 review scores from the last 5 years harvestella would be on it.