Shogo Sakai (Kirby, Smash and Mother Composer) has a YT Channel!

So i just found out Shogo Sakai has a YouTube channel (less than 400 subs, can you imagine that?).

Just saw a video of him sharing a few tips on 8-bit music composing and talking about when composing music for the GBA (Mother 3 specifically)
I don't understand a lot of japanese but YT's automatic translation helped me get some bits here and there.

You can find his channel here:

Thanks for the info! I tweeted about it and we got him over 400 with 30 brand new subscribers, ha ha

@“exodus”#p118613 you're welcome!

Honestly it got me thinking, how many composers, artists, devs, etc from that era must have channels or spaces to let their passion/knowledge free flow are out there and we just don't know yet...

@“marxseny”#p118623 Well, we got him to nearly 1.5k subscribers now and he's quite happy! So nice work finding him!


@“marxseny”#p118623 how many composers, artists, devs, etc from that era must have channels or spaces

I'm aware of a couple! Most famously is probably Yuzo Koshiro, who is already very public about his work on Twitter but also uploads footage of his project files to YouTube:

Tsuaksa Tawada (known for _Pokémon Colosseum_, beloved for _Ihatovo Monogatari_) similarly uploads videos of him playing the piano. Sometimes it's of his own works, sometimes it's classical repertoire. Those repertoire vids are especially interesting to me, being insights into the kind of music he himself enjoys and clearly draws inspiration from:

Arata Iiyoshi (primary composer for the _Pokémon Mystery Dungeon_ series, regular contributor to _Beatmania_ and _Pop'n Music_) has a SoundCloud account where he shares music not made for any games, just whatever he's interested in making. To me his sound is inextricable from _Pokémon Mystery Dungeon_ – his music just suits the tone of those games perfectly – so it's fascinating to hear more of that sensibility removed from any other contexts:

Oops, I made a lousy suggestion, so I've edited it! Nothing to see here!

@“Karasu”#p118725 well he was discussed in our “santa isn't real” section because he has talked about wanting to sleep with his underaged fans and deciding “normalf*g” is just a fun word to say, so I'd leave him out of the recommendations myself!

@“exodus”#p118728 Oh, yikes, I completely missed all of that! Thanks for the heads up, I will edit to remove references (and block the person).

@“marxseny”#p118623 Kunitaka Watanabe of Death Crimson infamy (I think that ost absolutely rips) has a youtube channel with a solid amount of subscribers, but most of his videos get very little views.

It‘s not really what you’re talking about, he‘s just a guy that plays music all the time and is good at it.

I always like suggesting his channel because he just looks like he really loves what he does and I think it’s sweet.

@“mtvcribs”#p118739 Oh, i had no idea Kunitaka was a game composer!

As a Brazillian, i got to know Kunitaka bc he got viral in Brazil for singing absurdly pop brazillian funk songs (and other songs that i KNOW if he knew the lyrics meaning maybe he wouldn't play them lmao)

Brazillians love when foreigners sing our songs without fully understanding brazillian portuguese for some reason lol

@“mtvcribs”#p118739 This is indeed delightful!! seems like a nice fella.

I'm realizing now that his videos have crossed my path, especially the ones where he's got super blond-y hair

and in fact yes, I saw this, which I guess is what @"marxseny"#p118742 is talking about:

I do wonder why his other views have such low views!!

Made it into the news!

Good excuse to post this: Terranigma's artist Kamui Fujiwara posted last year on his (mostly empty) YT channel a video commemorating the 27th anniversary (!?) of the SFC release, made with new and old art, and new music by the original composers.

wow this is pure gold. I wonder if it will ever be translated

timestamped for goodness

put it in the acoustic thread lol

That's the video i found the channel with!

i played mother 3 for the first time in 2022. i cried so much bc i lost my mother a couple years ago, playing through it made me feel so many intense stuff i kept thinking about it ever since. The OST from this game gets me everytime.

@“marxseny”#p119204 wow dude I'm sorry to hear that!

@“marxseny”#p119204 also sorry to hear that - I‘m sure he’d be glad to know it helped you through things in some way… or at least process a bit. and you got to give a little back because his channel is literally 8 times larger now

@“Funbil”#p118717 Just found out Jim Andron of Tetris CD-i fame has a Soundcloud account which he seems to release new music on pretty regularly. Like everyone else in the world, I love that Tetris soundtrack, and have always been confused why he hasn‘t seem to have gotten much meaningful work from it. Nice to see he’s still creating and releasing stuff otherwise.