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Tokimeki Memorial Hospital

this wasn't a bad film. from the director of Cube


I went to music school and one of my professors once gave a performance of 4'33" on piano. He was a very distinguished looking man, not unlike a cartoon caricature of a conductor with a shock of long white hair. As the recital began, he furiously knitted his brow, placed his hands delicately above the keys and held them there, immobile for interminable seconds. Nothing could be heard in the audience, no one dared breathe. After about three minutes, the pianist, with a grand flourish, slowly pulled a very long and multicoloured handerkchief out of his rear trouser pocket and made a show of dabbing away at the nonexistent sweat on his forehead – so great, apparently, was his concentration and focus on playing this piece. We all burst out laughing and it took a long time for everyone to regain their composure.