Show me anything 3DO

@“exodus”#p82069 Haha, I guess I was literally asking for this!

EDIT: If anyone else was wondering, I couldn't let this go, so I looked around and it appears that the Alfred Hitchcock Presents game for 3DO was published by Panasonic and given out for free by Toyota as a promo item ([at least according to Mobygames](, although I have no idea who it was given out to.

The Simpsons is brought to you by 3DO

These are really excellent! that set of ads is like pure, undiluted essence of 90's (I especially like all the shotgun sound effects).

I started wondering what dev for the 3DO is like, and it turns out there's a big ole repository of info:

[upl-image-preview url=]

Lucienne‘s Quest sure is somethin’

@“andrewelmore”#p104718 I always really loved the box art for Lucienne‘s Quest– it’s got enormous 1995 anime energy. Never played it though!

This is my first experience with this YouTuber, but I must say it's quite an enjoyable dive into a wide variety of video games that are all extremely strange and interesting:

oh my god i forgot totally about it, but i definitely played dragon lore on dos cd-rom back when multimedia was the hot shit and it was so so inscrutable

@“tokucowboy”#p109444 Yeah the algorithm did right and sent me that one as well. Very much my kinda content. Even if I have a soft spot for Lucienne's Quest.

dril playing Virtuoso

An absolutely correct analogy

All I can really say about the 3DO is it has a really good port of Street Fighter II Turbo with a unique jammin' arranged version of the soundtrack.

So, I decided after buying a few WARP produced games that I should get a 3DO, and so I did. Now I’m wondering if any of the cool people here have any recommendations for other games I should get. Preferably 3DO exclusives, but anything you all think would be worth looking into is cool.

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The two Tatsujin games are absolutely my favorites, but some other cool ones to check out:

  • I assume you already have D, but if not, get D lol
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Sid Meyer’s CPU Bach
  • Doctor Hauzer
  • Killing Time
  • FIFA (not my kind of game but fascinating to experience)
  • Immercenary
  • Lucienne’s Quest
  • OpenLara (open source Tomb Raider 1)
  • Policenauts (has this port been translated yet?)
  • Need For Speed 1’s best version, imo
  • Road Rash is an obvious one as well if you don’t have the PS1 or Saturn ports
  • Princess Maker 2 is like, a port of a really influential PC game, right?
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Lost Eden maybe?
  • Tatsujin: Iron Angel of the Apocalypse and The Return, listed for posterity

Thanks! I got a copy of Doctor Hauzer and I’m going to look into the Tetsujin games. Is there any reason to play the 3DO version of Policenauts if I’ve already played it on Saturn?