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Famicom Boom-era gamebooks are the best.

Two points of interest from the Sharp X68000 port of Ys, both of them personal favorites: the title screen music…

...and these two stereotypically Italian NPCs in the first town of the game.

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@“Video Game King”#p101941 that reminded me that i made a silly youtube playlist based on feena:

This walkthrough for Ys Book I & II is really cool. A lot of hand drawn art and maps etc. I found it last year when I was playing through the first one.

@“mindleftbody”#p102641 This guide is cool as hell but it is a liar. I couldn't beat the game following it. You just gotta wonder around the map long enough to eventually have “feel” for the map and situations heh heh……

Just going through some of my saved screenshots from Ys games…

I really dig Ys Origin's style.

I‘ve been enjoying Revival Xanadu (easy version) and Popful Mail a lot on PC-9801. Might have screwed myself in Xanadu, though. Foolishly thinking enemies would just respawn on the floor I’m in. They don‘t! So now I don’t have any lanterns, or money to get any keys, or any means of doing so by farming any from enemies unless I go to the next floor… but if I level up, then the key prices go up! Anyway Easy Version is still hard. But it rules anyway.

I'm really in love with the two color backgrounds.

I still haven't finished any version of Popful Mail, but I'm really more drawn to the PC-9801 version. There's a lot of extra charm to it that isn't quite fully recreated in the Sega CD/PCECD versions (though I do like the voices and localization for that one). I was kinda not down on bump mechanics for a while, but these two games have kinda made me warm up to them.

Going through old PC applications: I‘ve had a portable version of Vantage Master 2 for Windows 95, translated to english, in my backups since about 2009, lol. Looking at any art for the game I can find, it’s pretty awesome:

HG101 article

The Felghana port on Switch seems excellent. We defo need more of those high definition PSP ports on the console.

Western release whennnnnn. XSEED doesn’t handle any new Falcom stuff anymore but I’d assume they still have the rights to this game? Or maybe just the PSP/PC versions?

@“sabertoothalex”#p113784 It’s probably one of those things that will get announced during a Summer Game Fest stream. The Western publisher for Ys X has also not been announced yet.

The Asian release is handled by Clouded Leopard, as usual, and will come out on May 25. [No English inside, though.](

@“◉◉maru”#p113789 Would assume X is NISA yet again since they’re handling all Falcom stuff here now :cry: Felghana is a curious one though. Hard to know where the rights lie.

BRANDISH S ver. when??


We need more Brandish games in the style of Dark Revenant - it's been like 10 years since I played it and I still want more

@“◉◉maru”#p101909 More weirdass early Adol from the free-for-all Famicom era.