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@“hellomrkearns”#p93643 Pretty sure that’s from the English ATEI in January 1987. Which also makes more sense in the context of promoting WEC Le Mans 24 and taking shots at OutRun.

The SegaSaturn port of Policenauts is well known for being the last and most complete version of the game, up to its premium packaging.

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Inside that sweet package, you could find a leaflet for a raffle allowing 100 lucky winners to get their hands on a Policenauts jumper.

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And here is the jumper in question!

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The jumper also apparently came with a replica of Jonathan Ingram’s badge.

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@"Jaffe"#205 asks: which former Boss would _you_ wanna hit with a fire extinguisher from behind?

Love this. Love local commercials advertising new arcade games.

Show me something “Konami” (Hudson):
4 million copies sold in Japan for Momotetsu.

Nothing’s certain with digital sales these days but it’s most likely the 10th non-Nintendo/Pokémon game to reach this milestone in Japanese games sales history.

I wonder if Goemon will ever make a comeback

@“treefroggy”#p126301 The successful crowdfunding campaign of Eiyūden Chronicles woke Konami up to produce a remaster of Gensō Suikoden I•II. And the TMNT Collection weirdly came out in the same breath as TMNT Shredder’s Revenge. So my guess is they currently look at Mameda no Bakeru with attention.

I still think Goemon would be perfect in Smash but sadly he was relegated to the Mii costume category.


@“◉◉maru”#p126306 I still think Goemon would be perfect in Smash but sadly he was relegated to the Mii costume category.

this counts

@“hellomrkearns”#p115275 This is giving me some kind of weird flashback, where I seem to recall a kind of promotion (possibly with cereal, or milk cartons?) that involved cutting out barcodes or tokens from packaging and bringing them into Timezone for credits on The Simpsons arcade game.

Weird I've only had that flashback just now.

Tagging @TracyDMcGrath to cross-post her incredible City Bomber fan fiction.

Backstory: I was on vacation and the house we rented had two cabinets from [Red Floor Arcade]( I don't like their stuff not because it's super terrible, (it's fine?) but I'm a snob. Honestly, the cabinets are probably a pretty OK deal just for the hardware, but the all-in-one boards are too slow to run _Street Fighter 2_ at full speed. Woof.

Anyway, my favorite new way to find very "Insert Credit" games is to throw 9-13 y-o kids at a very uncurated MAME ROMset. My oldest daughter came away just **loving** _City Bomber_. I said it's bad. She said it's great. I mentioned this in the IC-Gaiden Discord and Tracy came rushing to the game's defense before she tried it.

Tracy: post the fan fic.

(1987, Konami offices)

Boss: We need a new idea for a game, quick.

Dev A: How about a racing game?

Dev B: Or a shooting game?

Boss: Yes, yes a racing shooting game.

Devs: No that‘s not wha

Boss: We have 3 buttons, what do they do?

Dev A: Uh, well one of them could be the gas

Boss: You’re fired

Dev B: Um well, if it‘s a shooting game it needs a shot button…

Boss: I’ll allow it but you‘re on thin ice

Dev B: …and a bomb button

Boss: You’re fired. New Devs!

Devs C and D: Yes sir

Boss: Our shooting driving game needs buttons! What do the buttons do?

Dev C: uh…break?

Boss: I don‘t like it but we don’t have any more talent in the wings, it‘ll have to do. What about you, any ideas?

Dev D: Um….a jump button?

Boss: A jump button?

Dev D: Yes

Boss: In our driving shooting hybrid game?

Dev D: Yes sir

Boss: You want there to be a button in our driving game devoted to making the car….jump?!

Dev D: uh……y-yes sir

Boss: I’m putting you in charge of this game, what other ideas do you have

Dev D: Well, one level could be on a bumpy highway

Boss: I don‘t even know what that means but I love it

Dev D: And another level could be about driving through an active volcano, and another through a field of cows, and another where you’re driving over a lake

Boss: Driving over a lake?!

Dev D: Well, there might be, um, a bunch of docks?

Boss: I love it. So for most of this game, you‘re driving around through nature in a jumping car. What do you call it?

Dev D: Um….City Bomber

Boss: I’m promoting you this instant

Dev C: Hey boss, I know a guy who‘s pretty good at music, could we hire him to make some rockin tunes for the soundtrack?

Boss: Only if we let my son make the power up noise with the guitar he doesn’t know how to play