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not sure this thread is necessary. we already have a Suikoden one

salamander pencil case

@“sixteen-bit”#p70581 that's a BIG phone.

@“sixteen-bit”#p70581 man that rules

@“sixteen-bit”#p70581 also good for this thread

I‘m saving this for when Konami does something dumb but you can have it now (it’s from world trigger)

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I am watching this video about Koyasan Monastery,

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and suddenly, at 6:00 minute mark, one of the monks is playing Beatmania with a little brother controller.

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Now that‘s what I’m talking about………

The type of discipline required to play Beatmania with a normal gamepad, let alone a 3rd party one that seems to have terrible d-pad and shoulder buttons.

This is the degree of devotion I strive for in my practices. It‘s why I say 108 prayers each morning before I begin gaming and keep a vegan diet. It’s the only way I manage to beat games on all original hardware and a CRT, without complaining or making youtube videos.

I haven't spent enough time with the earliest *Beatmania* games (mostly played Beatmania GB from that era) to know which song it is.

One day I will make my own pilgrimage to Koyasan, to see the _Beatmania for Playstation_ that the founder is still playing and has been playing for one thousand years, in a state of permanent prayer and play.

First time seeing this super gameboy border. Pretty killer.

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This obscure puzzle game uses traced assets of the character artwork of Rie-chan (or one of the other main barista character designs from that game like mimi or nyami) and Cup-kun from Pop'n Music 9, and more.

Shots fired at Sega (first picture)

@“hellomrkearns”#p93643 ah man, they wish!!