Show me anything Matsushita/National/Panasonic

Let's go.

I really love Panasonic bicycles. But please, electronics and various gadgets too.

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@“matt”#p158724 That is a fly bike!

The battery in the Japanese version of Pikmin 2:

If you look closely, all Eneloop batteries have the Panasonic logo. They are rebranded Panasonic batteries. Which is a shame because I like to see the Panasonic logo on my batteries.:

@“treefroggy”#p158797 “Eneloop” was bought from Sanyo though, wasn't it?

Ok you got me going through my disorganized images folders where I have stashed every image I've seen of National brand CRTs.

@"connrrr"#p158807 heck if I know

@“connrrr”#p158807 yep


National Genius microwave.

$10K turntable that lives in my brain rent free

Silver Lumixes are underrated in my humble imo.


I've got an LX5 I still use but in black. Leica optics and the last CCD sensor in that lineup.

Last year when I had a 20” Panasonic I was using in my van for a bit before selling it.