Show me anything Namco (pre Bandai)

So anything before 2006

From my collection: two tin Pac-Man lunchboxes and trading card pac(k)s. The more modern one was from when I was in high school: I used to go to the local Cyberstation arcade all the time and collect tickets. Before I went away to college, I turned in all the tickets and got every fun piece of junk they had, including that lunchbox! (Of course I still didn't have tickets enough to get a TV or a boombox or anything, but I was ticket-rich)

And while we're at it let's appreciate the super-rad Japanese MD box art for Burning Force:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Don't get me started. I love namco!

@treefroggy#16499 Thats the idea!

ever since I took over editing i've considered putting in a tiny sound cue when Jaffe says my name at the end of the show: it would be klonoa's waHOO noise.

i love klonoa. that game is breezy and whimsical and simple as a Kirby.

@Geoff#16524 that is some galactic dancin'!

NG Namco Community Magazine"Namco+Community+Magazine"&sort=date

saw this poster in akiba BEEP in 2017. I love Toy Pop, one of my 5 ps1 games growing up was Namco Museum Vol. 1 and this was the first thing that came to mind that would allow me to bring up Namco Museum for Playstation 1 being amazing.

Namco commercials were really good.

I love all the Haruomi Hosono ones.

I think Hosono might have done the music for these commercials? I feel like I've heard them in one of his albums.

I actually have a print ad of this one


Also a big fan of Namco's early robotics efforts. Love everything about Robot Band PiC PaC!

Their graphic design/character design made me think of them as sort of a Sanrio of games.


Forgot to post this despite Hosono posting!
This song is used liberally in the J-Drama/Comedy(?) No Continue Kid. I love it, and I love that they use it.

Hosono's whimsical 1984 arrangements of Namco arcade hits

there are so many good Sexy Synthesizer tracks that are just all out namco-blast your brain good times. Especially the katamari ones, of which there are many. I've edited this post so many times trying to pick just one so as not to flood the thread.

I had to drive a couple of hours in heavy snow last night. The falling snow in my headlights, in what was otherwise total darkness, reminded me of how lights looked in R4 so I put on the soundtrack (full playlist [here]( and had a fun drive.

@billy#16743 nice. You might like this

Namco made a real life version of the car from Ridge Racer PSP from an NSX and it subsequently disappeared. I think about it frequently

Minoru Suzuki doing mocap for Tekken 3. He's credited in the series as recently as Tekken 7.

The virtual museums in Namco Museum Vol. 4 and 5 were absolutely mindblowing. I haven't played an old game collection since that managed to instill the same sense of wonder and reverence for its source material.

Megapanel is one of my favorite mega drive games and a wonderful early effort on the system from Namco (well, Namcot)


it's really the proto-tetris attack. I'm quite interested to see how the 2P vs game works, but I've never found anyone to play it against =[ I own the physical cart of this and it's quite a treasure!

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Exvania is a super-rare arcade-only Bomberman clone with an interesting enough twist


You have not only your bomb but also a whip/chain (ala Castlevania? Ex...vania?) that allows you with 1 slap on a bomb to speed up the time before it explodes and a 2nd slap to explode it immediately. If I had a gamedev company that had an office, I would set up a dedicated 4P machine of this game.