Show me anything NEC

darn, it‘s not starting in the right place when you click it… oh well, if you skim around you’ll find some good stuff.

Anything NEC? Say no more fam!

Also methinks this thread should have been titled Show me

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Here is the star of my pick for The Insert Credit Community Essential Game List, Bazar!!

[CM Playlist](

NEC still maintains [Bazar website]( There used to be pretty elaborate Bazar de Gozarre town thing with bunch of characters to interact with, world building database, and mini games but that was flash based to it's no more. They have 2021 calendars up there. Will we see 2022 calendars?

@KennyL I do wish I had purchased the game when it was reasonably priced. I guess that was probably 20 years ago at this point.

@“KennyL”#p48877 They made a sokoban flash game with that guy.

you can find it here:, where you can inspect the page, find the .swf file, and find a way to play it (and, after a google and a quick test, it seems is a pretty good way to do that).

Got the Engine Block in today finally finishing up the PCE I got over the summer. [upl-image-preview url=//]

AFAIK the only real NEC thing I have is this pair of speakers I picked up for $3 last year.

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Sorry; no cool Turbografx stuff.

@“exodus”#p48879 I discovered the game last year and I was like oh I sure would like to own this delightful little puzzle game…. THREE HUNDRED US DOLLARS… (it's probably more now)

@"NoJoTo"#p48892 Oh cool I'll try this out!

This is not NEC but has NEC guts so…

Not that cool, but maybe a little cool.

This is an old NEC projector they have at my office. It's simple, effective. It has these little angle adjusters that let you easily move the projection around and it has a built in speaker if you're presenting something with audio. Again, nothing super sexy but I often find it funny that I'm doing work on a machine made by the same people who let me play Bonk and Ys.
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posts a photo of the cash register at the liquor store

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I've had the pleasure of entering this building on multiple occasions. NEC HQ in Kawasaki.

@“whatsarobot”#p52902 Wait why is their office shaped like a X68000!?

@“chazumaru”#p52910 Right?! You can‘t tell me that’s a coincidence.

(Also I never saw a single PC Engine poster on the walls inside there, to everyone's great dismay.)

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... Disappointingly not shaped like a PC Engine Shuttle.