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In a delightful announcement, SUNSOFT has revealed its plans to launch a Campfire crowdfunding campaign to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Famicom, bringing three of its iconic Famicom titles to the modern gaming platforms.

This initiative aims to revive the nostalgic charm of these classic games and make them accessible to a wider audience. With the crowdfunding campaign set to begin on July 14 and end on August 31, fans and gaming enthusiasts alike can contribute to this endeavor and relive the golden era of gaming.

SUNSOFT, known for its contributions to the gaming landscape during the Famicom era, has announced its intention to port three beloved titles from that era to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. These titles include "Kanshaku Tamanage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi," originally released on July 3, 1986, "The Wing of Madoola," released on December 18, 1986, and "Ripple Island," released on January 23, 1988. By adapting these classics to modern platforms, SUNSOFT aims to allow a new generation of gamers to experience the magic of these timeless titles.


2-second matches of Galaxy Fight were (probably) a better Divekick than Divekick.

Sunsoft is Back!

Also, Uforia the saga 2 comes out tomorrow

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