Show Me Anything Taito

@“hellomrkearns”#p146185 Yeah I am fully bought in on the Evercade platform but I still bit on this one for the Taito games. It plays them well! Growl runs without slow down. Though the more vertical oriented games (Space Invaders, Volfied) really struggle on the smaller screen. Built quality and UI are good, though it lacks a brightness adjust feature. The Capcom version grabs me less as I feel like I have had access to those games a million time (including on Evercade EXP system). But yeah, if you‘re looking to put a toe into that ecosystem, this isn’t a bad way.

“I'm such a baby cause the Eclipse Eyes make me cry”

  • - G-Darius Rucker
  • Yall heard that Zuntata train song?

    Just a little bit of RC DE GO! I think there were RC controllers for this one. A fun little game.

    Is this a safe place for me to admit that Elevator Action Returns has completely ruined my ability to play Elevator Action or indeed any Rolling Thunder besides 3

    I contributed to this Taito doujinshi comic thingy that was at Comiket this year, first time doing anything like this. Taito fans may be interested, even if just to laugh at how bad my drawing is compared to literally everyone else's:

    @“Stuart Gipp”#p156319 Oh cool, I remember when sign ups for this were going around! I thought about joining but got too shy. Should'a gone for it. Great work to you and the rest!

    Hey Taito wassup?

    Okay, Taito.

    @“andrewelmore”#p156304 does this also affect your enjoyment of Code Name: Viper?

    @“andrewelmore”#p156304 Yeah, very interesting to me that for some folks elevator action returns felt stilted or difficult and they had to remap their brains to figure out how to play it - meanwhile to me if someone says “what should an action shooting game be like” I'm like “Elevator Action Returns, the platonic ideal of run and gun.”

    @“exodus”#p156379 I can't imagine that. Returns is a nonstop barrage of explosions and excess! I love it. I vote we smash the old order and create a new society tbh.

    My very first Densha de GO! game, bought at Narita Airport circa 1997~1998. I had not realized until looking for a picture earlier today that the skeleton model in question was actually a limited edition, huh!


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