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Anyone here a fan of the Taito Egret II Mini? The joystick controllers are on sale, somewhat expensive at 69.99 USD, but it is an arcade stick and it was over $100 before this… I like that it is adjustable between 8-way and 4-way. Not finding much info as to what devices this USB arcade stick is compatible with outside of the Egret II Mini. Anyone used it with a brook adapter or with Mister?

[edit] found @“Personasama”#28 via google:

how‘s the stick? Have you used it with anything else besides Egret II mini? These are the only photos I’ve found online of the underside of the unit… Seems unserviceable?? Possibly to hide their 4/8 switcher mechanics?? I want to use this with Brooks adapters with my consoles like PC Engine & Saturn.

Due to popular demand, they're selling a full-size replica of the old Top Landing Reika standee (the one included in miniature form with certain versions of the upcoming LD Collection). Only ¥99000!

One of their stranger 70th anniversary initiatives is this series of shitpost-y animated webisodes that feel like they're straight out of 2009:


Darius Extra MD, the enhanced revision of the Mega Drive Mini Darius port that was released on MD-compatible cartridges and as a Darius Cozmic Revelation promo bonus, is now available for standalone purchase on PS/Switch, ¥660: 🇯🇵 🇯🇵


@“treefroggy”#p135143 how’s the stick? Have you used it with anything else besides Egret II mini?

Oh yeah, the stick works on PC but the button numbering is a little unusual compared to other controllers. But once I remapped controls, it worked well! I've only tested it on Skullgirls and puzzle games on Fightcade though.

I tested it on console a long time ago so I don't remember well, but I think the Egret accessories work on Switch/PS4 via Brook adapters but not with Mayflash adapters. Mayflash sorta works but it only maps some of the buttons and they're random, but the stick is missing key system buttons anyway so it doesn't really work too well anyway. I thiiiiink PS5 didn't work at all, but again this was a long time ago so I might be misremembering.

The spinner accessory does NOT work on PC or consoles however. I thiiiink Mame recently updated to support it though? I feel like I heard that at some point a few months back anyway.

Also for full arcane Egret Mini knowledge: you can use any modern controller on the Egret Mini if you have a Brook Saturn/Dreamcast Wingman SD adapter! It's a little silly though, you have to plug a USB cable from the Egret Mini into the (mini USB? I think??) port of the adapter and then plug your controller into the USB A port of the adapter for it to work.

Also the Sega Astro City Mini controllers just straight up work on the Egret Mini. I actually vastly prefer the Astro City Mini's controller over the Egret Mini, the Egret Mini's dpad and ergonomics kinda suck despite it looking so comfortable.

@“Personasama”#p136266 how did you get it to work on PC? Mine doesn‘t!!

This thread is chronicling the development for those who want to use the rollerball. I just want to use the stick on something! It works on mister. I just got a Dreamcast / Saturn Wingman so I should test it with that. Aside from those, yeah I’m trying to get it to work on PC and maybe switch.


@“treefroggy”#p136302 Personasama how did you get it to work on PC? Mine doesn’t!!

Hmmm I wonder if I used an adapter then? Could always try using a Brook adapter on PC if all else fails. 🤔

Some sort of large space invaders game. I didn’t play it.

Twin towers in bust a move 99

I mainly played Bust a Move 99 when I was in like the second grade. Apart from the gameplay, I had no idea what was going on with the indiscernible speech, arcade references and varied cast of characters that all animate differently. There’s a lot going on. Love this game.

Taito LD Game Collection is out.

First time I see the "this game was developed in 19XX and so please understand it reflects the sensibilities of those times" style of warning in a Japanese game.


Just when I thought I was out, **T**[color=#2828FF]▲[/color]**ITO** pulls me back in!

It's like a Hiroshi Nagai painting come to life

@“◉◉maru”#p145399 these little cartridges almost have me wanting an egret II - I know I'll never play it! but heck

@"hellomrkearns"#p146012 I would hang out here for sure.

Speaking of tiny Taito, this one plays a mean Puzzle Bobble


@“robinhoodie”#p146166 How is that handy?

@“robinhoodie”#p146166 wow. these are news to me:

and they work with Evercade carts