Show me (fictional) video game bands

Show me your favourite fictional bands in video games. I actually found it quite difficult to think of examples, even though I know they are definitely a thing in many games.

I’d go see them live:

There are a lot of good bands in the Zelda series.

I assume the guy raising his glass in Oracle of Seasons is the Bez of the group.

I’ll also accept solo artists:

Nikki and the Magical Dreamers from Chrono Cross rock!

The backup band from playable coming-of-age rock opera Gitaroo Man!


Alan Wake and Control both feature appearances by the Finnish metal band Poets of the Fall as an aging rock band called Old Gods of Asgard. They never perform “live” during either story but both games feature an extended fire fight set to a recording of one of their songs. Both songs have lyrics which sort of comment on or foreshadow the plot

In Alan Wake, you venture to the band members' farm and have a big battle with the shadow monster people on their stage, using the lights and pyrotechnics as weapons

In Control, you have to fight your way through a shifting maze which is only navigable while listening to a cursed Old Gods of Asgard cassette tape

@“Tradegood”#p124412 I have an extremely hot take: I like this sequence more than the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI.

@“GigaSlime”#p124415 oh my god, I forgot all about the ashtray maze when we were having that Control love-in!!! What a cool-ass game.

ahhh I need to finish control, I kinda put it down a few days back and haven‘t touched it since, I’m kinda luxuriating in it all slow like

Someone's gotta be the one to post it

(dang youtube refusing to embed)

Band of Fighters

Splatoon and PaRappa are both real so ineligible for this thread.

@“billy”#p124465 I was not prepared to see Jeff Gerstmann appear in that video.

Hey, greasehounds, check out the Yokomichi Silvers


Kiria Kurono is my kamiban bias, but Tsubasa Oribe is quickly becoming my Fortuna Entertainment oshimen

@“Tradegood”#p124483 oh yeah I really gotta get back to my play through of that game!

from the earthbound64 stuff on that spaceworld 97 disc